About This Journal

This blog, reincarnated yet once again, rises out of the ashes of my old blog, “Some Final Thoughts”, which seems to have crashed and burned and none of the ‘powers to be’ can put Humpty Dumpty back together again. I sincerely apologize for having what few visitors I do have jump through blogging hoops as many times as I have had them do. Although the previous blog “Some Final Thoughts” is deleted off my WordPress blog’s host server, there is I suppose no guarantee something may not happen to this one since it is based on the same server location.

So here am I with my reincarnated blog, “Writing To Myself”, which seems to be apropos for my own personal times. I have never been one who has ever subscribed to discussing personal health issues in the presence of the general public. But one of the main reasons I decided to resurrect and return to this journal/blog was in some measure for that exact purpose. As personal health matters go, my quality of life has become extremely limited. I suppose were it not for computers and the Internet I would be nothing more than a knot on a log. I am also acutely aware that many of my peers are dealing with their own day to day health issues… just the nature of the beast when you reach our age I suppose.

My main nemesis, or if I may say, my primary transportation to Cemeteryville will probably be on the COPD Express although we old timers are much more familiar with the term ‘emphysema’. It was probably in the early 1990’s that I began experiencing a slight shortness of breath during certain activities. It was officially diagnosed by my family doctor around 2004 or 2005. And here we are in 2016 and my “quality of life” that we often hear referred to, well it’s in the toilet. With COPD there’s no going to the doctor and getting a shot or a bottle of pills and getting well and then going about your life as normal. It is a degenerative disease which can perhaps be slowed to a degree but never stopped until… well, to be quite frankly until you are over.

This is in every sense a personal blog. I don’t have an agenda nor will one be forthcoming here. Much of what you may read here will relate to past personal life experiences which are the things I most like to recall and write about at this point in my life. New experiences and ventures are far and few between these days so few will be reflected here.

As with regards to “comments” on this blog, yes I will be opening comments on many of my posts although there will be some scattered here and about where commenting is not available. This will normally be because the post is dealing with a more personal issue and does not really lend itself to any measure of public comment or opinion.