On the Lighter Side….

This is actually an old post of mine from an earlier blog published in March of 2009. It features two of my favorite videos and I wanted to re-share them. In the first video Conan O’Brien does a little bird-watching and in the second video Christopher Walken gives us a gardening tip.

If you are a die-hard “bird-watcher” with a sense of humor or even, for that matter, just a backyard bird watcher then you need to click on the link below and watch the excerpt video from the Conan O’Brien Show….

And if you are into ‘horticulture’; a plant grower; the green-thumb type, then you certainly don’t want to miss this excerpt from Saturday Night Live. Especially if you like Cactus and you’ll get a great gardening tip! That video link is just below….

2 thoughts on “On the Lighter Side….

  1. My beautiful wife is the real birder around here; I’m more of the Conan type! Ditto, gardening. Two really fun videos.

    1. I enjoy the backyard birds immensely but am by no stretch a birder myself with one of those ‘life lists’. I would however like to have a few great big googly eyes for some of my oak trees… 😀

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