Nuisance Dog Barking….

I have an aversion of some magnitude when it comes to barking dogs in my neighborhood.  Although there are numerous dogs in my neighborhood, there are three homes quite near me who have what I have come to define as nuisance dogs.

Yesterday morning at around 7:30 AM one of those dogs which has quite the reputation from my perspective as being one of those three identified irritants, started his barking routine. After about an hour and a half of listening to that crap I got my camera and set it up on my front porch and video taped about 5 minutes of his barking routine….

As is quite evident from the video the dog is barking at absolutely nothing. It is so obvious that the poor dog is bored to death and apparently for this dog, barking gives him some measure of entertainment. He tries to get some enjoyment out of the laundry basket but that just doesn’t do it for him. The rub of course is that it’s not entertainment for me. And where are the dog’s owners who live in the house? Probably at work and the dog will be left out all day to wreak his barking havoc on the neighborhood.

In this particular case, the dog continued his incessant barking for another hour or so before it finally stopped, fortunately for the rest of the day on this particular day…. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Nuisance Dog Barking….

  1. I know the feeling; there are some dogs here who apparently must bark if they’re breathing. They often wake me up. Maybe that’s why Luke will sometimes get into these loud meowing fits … has to compete somehow … 😉

  2. If the owners are away all day, perhaps they aren’t aware that the dog barks all day. Have you tried inducing some guilt by mentioning it to them? I’ve considered this with the people next door, but their dogs don’t bark non-stop. And it’s not like Annie never barks, but I bring her in immediately if she does.

  3. I’ve had to report barking dogs in my neighborhood to Animal Control – it took care of the problem! You might think about copying this video to a flash drive and mail it to them. You know this inconsiderate crap burns me up!! 🙂

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