Writing To Myself – A Journal Update

Posted by Posted in General Information, Journal & Blog Information Posted on 12 - 22 - 2017

Well if you have been here before, particularly recently, you will now note a major change in the layout along with the most notable change having to do with ‘comments’ or should I say the lack of them along with the function of adding any.

My hosting contract along with my domain name were coming up for renewal in a couple of weeks. That coupled with things being somewhat unsettled in my life currently due to some health issues I thought it best I just shut my blog down. I have always been a journal person, more so than a blogger for sure. So I decided to renew my hosting account along with the domain name of course and officially convert my on-line ramblings to a an on-line journal.

I felt it only proper to inform those of you who do visit here from time to time of this major change. I will certainly have more to say on this subject in the days to come which hopefully will make my decision a little clearer, if in fact, given the major changes, you have any interest in returning for a visit… 🙂

If you no longer wish to receive emails when new posts are entered into my journal if you will let me know via the “Contact Me” menu and I will remove you from the auto distribution listing.