Roof Top & Gutter Gardening….

Just a little observation of note from this past summer….

It came to my attention as I gazed around from my patio one morning this past summer that one of my neighbors must have planted their yearly tomato garden on the roof of their house. Needless to say this seemed extremely odd to me. But my initial observation concluded that it could not have been anything else. You can make your own judgement from the photos just below….

Then not long after I noticed a large apparent weed growing from my next door neighbors gutter. There were actually three or four of them along a stretch of gutter some thirty-feet long or so. These growing freaks of nature were not as alien to me as the previously noted tomato patch I discussed. They were simply the result of a gutter full of foreign material such as leaves, dirt, and acorns which had compacted themselves into the perfect medium to grow plants as reflected in the photo below….

While making these observations of my neighbors homes and perhaps some measure of neglect on their part in home landscaping I could not but gloat over my decision some years back to have the “Leaf Guard” gutter system installed on my home. A bit pricey but one of the best home investments I ever made.

Now before I give the impression that I am completely taken with myself, might I note that I did not have the “Leaf Guard” system installed on my patio roof since it did not lend itself to such a system. So the patio roof system was subject to the same invasion of foreign materials compatible for plant growth as any other open gutter.

So after due ridicule of my neighbors and their rooftop gardens I decided to step out into the backyard and look at my immaculate patio gutters just for one last ego boost regarding the subject. Expecting of course to see the results of a well-cared for gutter I was greeted by one of those green aliens of my own growing right in the center of my gutter….

It goes without saying that my pride had taken a huge hit, not to mention that over the next few days I would be working as time permitted to clean my own gutter out. Pretty much over the embarrassment now, I am proud to say I am no longer a card-carrying member of the local neighborhood roof gardening club. I ultimately of course concluded that these roof growing freaks of nature were simply the results of neglect on the part of my neighbors and unfortunately myself for not cleaning off their roofs nor cleaning out their gutters in a timely manner, thus avoiding the ridicule and embarrassment associated with such neglect. 🙁

8 thoughts on “Roof Top & Gutter Gardening….

  1. So the leaf-guard gutters are not foolproof? Too bad. I’ve got one little stretch of gutter about 3 feet long in a place that’s nearly impossible to get to, and the paint just below it is starting to peel. Was thinking that leaf-guard thing would cure the problem, since there’s now a tree near the gutter. Wish I’d thought about the leaf problem before I planted trees all over my originally treeless yard.

    1. Oh I have been extremely happy with my leaf guard gutters. No complaints whatsoever. My problem was that with regard to the patio roof the leaf guard cutters were not compatible with the construction plus there was already an small open-type gutter already along the front edge. Thought about changing our the roof at one time but it too late in life to worry about it now. 🙂

  2. Only area where I have a gutter is over the garage, but no guard. Did have to have the downspout flushed, but haven encountered any growth emerging. But we likely don’t have as much moisture through the year as you receive. Hope you didn’t get on a ladder after wisely determining to use your limb fishing for branches on your roof.

    1. I did have to partially climb up a ladder to remove the weed from the gutter but that was a far cry from climbing on the roof which I certainly would no longer do. All is well now however with the weed is gone and the gutter washed out… 🙂

  3. I’ve been humming “Blueberry Hill” since learning of the passing of the great Fats Domino. Thanks for your remembrance note, which made it easy for me to listen to the entire presentation. Fats and Louis Armstrong endured as two of my all-time favorites for many decades. RIP, Mr. Domino.

    1. Yes, it’s quite sad when artists such as Fats Domino pass on. We grew up together and we knew them our entire life. They added so much to our lives over the years, not even being able to thank them is a shame but at best, may he rest in peace.

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