Roof Limb Fishing….

The two words ‘limb’ and ‘fishing’ when combined in the same sentence have usually brought out the worse in fishermen. The reason why? Well, it usually infers that in the act of casting or reeling in your bait you got hung up on an underwater limb, often resulting in the loss of a fish and/or your bait.

Well, at my house the dreaded curse of being hung up on a limb has taken on a completely different complexion. It has now become a quite functional process of removing unwanted limbs that have fallen off my trees and onto my roof.

At my age climbing up on the roof to remove unwanted debris such as limbs which most often fall during bad, stormy weather is no longer possible for safety reasons. But out of the unfortunate aging state has brought forth a new challenge and sport… roof limb fishing!

For those of you who may not be familiar with the sport, I have put together a visual instructional video that should provided you some insight into this new sport.

In closing I should note that I have never had a tree fall on the house so I’m not speaking from experience but I am assuming that it will take a very good deep-sea reel and some high poundage line to get the tree off the roof. Good luck otherwise in your limb fishing endeavors… 🙂

10 thoughts on “Roof Limb Fishing….

    1. I have “Leaf Guard” gutters and love them. Haven’t had a gutter issue since installing them in the early 1990’s.

      Nice to find another application for the rod and reel since I gave up fishing some time back due to mobility issues. 🙂

  1. Limb fishing is a new sport that I predict may take on new importance in the years to come — especially with crazy weather changes. I foresee competitions ensuing to set all sorts of records — number of casts before hooking a limb — size of limbs — number of limbs retrieved — the possibilities are endless. One day your name will go down …. or up ….. in the record books for establishing this sport. New rods, reels, hooks will be created specifically for this sport. Classes will be taught beginning with your video. Eventually robots will be trained to perform this act as a subset of the sport using AI for those who simply want to sit and watch them work. Or, maybe drones will be enlisted. The possibilities are endless — limited only by imagination. Glad you had the good sense to stay off a ladder, much less the roof. Keep inventing!

  2. Like you, I wouldn’t touch a ladder with a ten-foot pole. (is that a bad pun inspired by your invention?) Can’t wait to learn what you come up with next, Alan.

  3. Brilliant! I will have to try this! ( I have been forbidden to climb up on the roof and I would be leary to try it without someone holding the ladder!) Limbs on the roof drive me crazy!

    1. Whatever works huh? 🙂 I’ve got a limb on my roof right now that, like you, is driving me crazy. Soon as the weather warms up a little more I’m a go’in fishin’ for it…. 😀

    1. Hey Rod… Yea, this limb fishing can get a bit time consuming here in Lakewood. I’ve got about a 2-foot long one on my roof right now I need to go catch! 🙂

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