Wheelchair Driving for Dummies – 101

Although I have not been actively blogging over the past few months, I have been actively pursuing what must surely be just routine for most elders and that is doing my best to make it from one day to the next. Over the last couple of months due to some issues with my legs and of course the always present COPD I was determined that I just needed to get me one of those motorized wheel chairs to help assist my mobility around the house and my life would be back to some measure of order.

My doctor assured me that as long as I could take a step every five minutes or so and maintain an upright position I would have to fight Medicare tooth and nail to get one through them so I just avoided that headache completely and went out and bought one myself. Got what I thought was a really nice one at not too bad of a price and I was ready too rock and roll. But mostly as it turns out it was more like “bump and bang” than “rock and roll”. She’s a beauty though….

The poor doors and door facings, not to mention the molding, have basically met their demise due to my expertise and controlling a motorized wheel chair… at least in my house. Below are a few photos of the subject demise (click on photo to enlarge)….

Those photos were taken several weeks ago so quite honestly they only reflect a minimal amount of the damage done at present. But I am fortunate enough to have save a can of the original paint and now have the wood-filler, spatula, and sandpaper required to return them to so measure of their original condition. Oh yes, and I also have some of the felt color sticks for the paneling. 🙂

And just by chance if you’re wondering whether the wheelchair is too wide to fit through certain doorways in my house… well the unfortunate response is no, it will fit through them all just fine depending of course on the skill of the driver. 🙁

7 thoughts on “Wheelchair Driving for Dummies – 101

  1. “Bump and bang” — I love it! If your skills are improving, then there’s hope for your future. Maybe you’ll even be allowed out of the house.

  2. Dropped off your mailing list or something. Anyway, found you again.

    I’ve often wondered in my tiny house if there would even be room for a wheelchair or walker in the bathrooms or around a corner in the hallway. Doorways are minimum width too, I’m sure.

  3. A mechanical marvel for sure. Can you wheel from one damage site to another to make repairs without dismounting? That might be another skill level. Good luck.

    1. No Dick, I would have to dismount for most of the repairs and dismounting would be no problem what so ever. I would have to sit on the floor to properly address the repairs. Getting back up off the floor would be the real challenge! 🙂

  4. Not all builders are sharp enough to suggest exceeding minimum widths in doors and hallways – especially for bathrooms. It’s too bad. The greater widths alleviate the damage to surfaces caused by those who move furniture in – or out.

    Perhaps you should start a business where people are taught to navigate a narrow maze in their personal conveyances.

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