Beware of “LIKE” Spammers….

Sorry about having to delete the “Likes” from my previous post. Mike Goad had left a “like” but at some point a troll or spammer, whatever you want to call them also left a “like” and not the kind of like graphic you like to see on your computer. Since there is apparently no way to delete individual “likes” I had to remove my entire “like” entry for that post.

4 thoughts on “Beware of “LIKE” Spammers….

  1. I hate that there all these malicious people out there spamming, hacking and phishing, etc., their way into our 21st century lives. I don’t answer even a “local” call any more on my iPhone unless caller ID tells me it’s someone on my contact list. If the caller really wants to talk to me, they’ll have to leave voice mail.

    1. Mike–We are of similar minds. I set up my cell phone so that it doesn’t even ring if the number from which a call is incoming is “unknown”. The call WILL show up as a missed call, which I ignore, unless they actually leave a voice message and it is something about which I care.

  2. I do the same with my phone calls, too. If I do answer a call, I don’t answer any questions — interrupt them by saying “we don’t trust phone solicitors — don’t do business with them, so don’t call again”. Then I hang up. These phone calls are more objectionable than all the advertisements coming in postal mail ever were. I dislike those that make plastic cards with my name embossed.

  3. It is truly unfortunate that some individuals choose to pervert a medium (the internet) that can be such a great force for good. I’m hoping we humans may yet devise controls to protect us from the spammers and hackers while still maintaining a free and open communications network.

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