My blog’s circle of life….

Well I have been blogging almost six hours a day now for several days but it hasn’t been because I was writing new posts. I’ve actually been reinstating my old posts from a data base I had archived that goes back all the way to when I started officially maintaining a blog in 2006.

And a blogger might ask why in the world would I take the time to go back and reinstate all those old posts? Any experienced blogger knows almost no one ever intentionally goes into a bloggers archive listing and reads any of those old posts. Well at best, let’s just say it’s a rare occurrence when it does happen.

I suppose as bloggers go I have been a fairly shameful one, having started and stopped my blogging numerous times over the past eleven years, not to mention several blog name changes along the way to boot.

Sadly, I lost a lot of regular commenters along the way also. Can’t blame them a bit and I have to say many of them I truly miss. But as they say, that’s all water under the bridge at this point.

In essence it would seem I have come full circle if such things could be calculated or construed in such ways. From my very first blog post to this one, which by the way, is not to be presumed as my last, it would seem the journey consisted mostly as a biographical reflection of a life gone by.

And although there may still be a few other reflections of the past peppered in the mix, I think you’ll find the majority to come will be with the challenges and changes with living out ones final days….

15 thoughts on “My blog’s circle of life….

  1. It’s amazing, isn’t it, how much time one can pour into blog writing and maintenance and assorted tinkering, rearranging, etc. I do it more for my own pleasure than for the enlightenment of others, which may not be the best approach, but it keeps me out of trouble. I really should find a more physically active hobby …

  2. I’ve done the same, at times, pulling old post in from various places, including old blog incarnations going back to 2004. I know it’s primarily for me as I don’t have a lot of folks dropping in on my blog(s). Since I went back to work for one last hurrah, I’ve not spent much effort on the blogging from. Social media seems to be getting in the way too much these days — habits that need to be tamed.

    1. Surprised to hear you’re back at work. Are you at ANO or some other new venture to occupy your time? And amen of the social media. I like the idea of the cell phone but when it comes to all this texting I feel like giving it a great big heave-ho!

  3. Nice to find you at Cop Car’s and see you’re posting again. Yes, I agree, about spending so much time with blogging — too much for me many times, but can be a bit addictive. I gladly have allowed my other social sites lie dormant for various reasons.

  4. Nice to find you at Cop Car’s and see you’re posting again. Yes, I agree, about spending so much time with blogging — too much for me many times, but can be a bit addictive. I gladly have allowed my other social sites lie dormant for various reasons.

    1. I have just not ever really been able to get into the other social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Blogging is more like being ‘pen pals’ and there is just something about that I like. And if you don’t have a lot to say that’s fine but on the other hand if you do, well then you have all the room you need to pour your heart out… 🙂

      1. FWIW Linda @ Two Fixer-Uppers recently noted she has discovered coloring has calmed her tremors, so she can grasp crayon then refine movement — found Nat’l Park book scenes she likes.

  5. I second Joared’s comment – either one of them, lol. There have been a couple of times when I’ve dropped out for a year. Since my service comes up for renewal in March, I’ve been thinking of letting it lapse, again; but, who knows? I always enjoy your comments over at my place. You add another perspective to things, thank you.

    I like being able to click on a commentor’s website link to get to their blog. Sometimes, it has taken years for an occasional commentor to leave such a link. My loss.

    1. As my post may reflect, I can certainly relate to the quandary of letting a service lapse or not lapse. I’ve never seemed to have ever made the right choice… LOL! I appreciate that my comments supplement the enjoyment of your blogging.

      And yes, all this ‘link’ business can get both somewhat confusing at times and at other times a bit frustrating. I’ve always hated getting a really nice and informative comment from someone, you feel an instant connection to them and they sign in on your blog as ‘anonymous’. 🙁

  6. P.S. With your posting, you made me go back into my “Blog Friends” file to see if your blog URL is up to date. It was! I have to keep that file because I’m not good at keeping track of people’s locations, generations, and likes/dislikes. I use it as a “tickler” file, if you will. So far, you have a fairly clean record, Alan – just location and the fact that you are a few years younger than am I!
    ; )

    1. LOL… Really surprised you had a working link as many times as I have change my blogs and URL’s but that’s good. Hope we have many more cheerful and meaningful exchanges…

  7. Like Cop Car, I’ve upgraded my link to your offerings several times and it is current. Good to see you back once again. Like others, I’ve been letting Facebook’s inane stuff take up too much of my time. The compensation is that Twitter gets zero attention from me, and I’m intent on keeping it that way.

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