Goodbye to my dear dependable good friend….

Yesterday was a bit of a sad day around the old homestead but I suppose even more so today. Yesterday I finally sold my trustworthy and very dependable 1997 Geo Metro that I had purchased brand new back on June 6th of 1997. I have owned that car for just a few months shy of 20 years.

I planned on owning it a lot longer but my health and difficulty in really driving it very much or taking care of it as I should has pretty much dictated that if I cared about the car at all, I needed to get it into the hands of someone who needed a car and would put it to could use. That someone as it turns out to be is the young man who is currently taking care of my lawn care needs. He expressed an interest in it a few days ago so he and his dad came by yesterday and purchased it.

I still have the window sticker that was on the car’s window the day I purchased it. That sticker will now find itself as one of my most cherished souvenirs….

But most of all, I’ll probably feel a tinge of sadness each time I walk outside and see that lonely, empty space where before was parked without a doubt the most dependable car I had ever owned.

7 thoughts on “Goodbye to my dear dependable good friend….

  1. I felt terrible sadness and guilt when I finally let my 17-year-old car go (to the scrapyard). It was like putting down a beloved pet. But I replaced it with a new car better suited to my needs (an SUV vs the old coupe). Are you now intentionally carless? I don’t think I could do that, although I’m sure the day will probably come …

    1. The little Geo was my second car, I have a much larger Chrysler 300 which is the car I normally use. The larger Chrysler has all the normal amenities of course while the little Geo had no air conditioning, not even a radio. It was transportation in its purer form, a 5-speed, and just fun to drive. πŸ™‚

  2. Bye, bye loyal and dependable friend – you’ll be missed.😭 But, it was time for you to move on and make new memories.

  3. Ah, Alan, so sorry to hear that you are losing such a loyal friend, but happy it has found a good home. Your Geo had similar “amenities” to those of a 1982 Mazda 626 that I bought while living in Florida. A year later, it transported me and my cat to our new home of Albuquerque and, a few years later I drove it to a couple of temporary assignments in California (LA and SF areas) rather than having a company car, as normally I had done, in California.

    In 1990, The 1982 Mazda transported me (minus the cat which our daughter Bogie had adopted) from San Francisco Bay area to Albuquerque to Kansas when I moved back to Kansas. I drove it for another year, then sold it to our daughter Dudette when she needed to get rid of her decrepit car. Dudette drove that 1982 Mazda until I gave her my 1991 Ford Taurus HSO, at which time she passed the 1982 Mazda on to HER daughter. I think the 1982 Mazda was in the family until about five years ago. It was a 4-banger with power nothing. It did have a radio, heater, and air conditioner, though. (I couldn’t have survived Florida without an air conditioner!) The car’s only drawback was that it would not stick to the road, at all. Sheesh! “Cornering” was not a term that it understood.

    1. Wow, sounds like the ’82 Mazda served you all well. It’s always nice to have a dependable car you feel like you can always depend on. My first car was a family hand-me-down, and old 1949 Dodge and it was quite dependable also. Get in that thing however and it was like driving a tank… πŸ™‚

  4. I own a 2004 Camry. It has about 19,000 miles on it, and it’s never been recalled. Recently, the CD player went out. The Toyota dealer wanted $16,000 to replace it. I refused of course. I like the looks of your car, he’s a lucky kid. You took good care of it. We’ve sold two cars to our yard guys too. Funny, how we get attached. Now, you have a different set of wheels, bet you’re already attached to those.

    Yours is one of the more interesting blogs on that “elder blog list,” you’re not trying to sell or convince one, just straightforward writing.

    1. Hi Mary… Thanks for stopping by and your comments. I can easily imagine how you feel about your Camry. I’ve got a 2007 Chrysler 300 now and like yours, low mileage. Only 14,448 as of yesterday. But I do miss my little Geo. πŸ™

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