Taking it to the limit one day at a time….

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I probably shouldn’t write about this subject without knocking on wood since I don’t want to jinx myself or bring down any bad luck on myself but….

I’m curious, do any of you have something that has for all practical purposes outlived its standard ‘shelf life’ of some measure but you have boldly taken it where no man has gone before? Well, such is the case with my refrigerator I think. My Kenmore refrigerator was manufactured in June of 1989 and I purchased it in the fall of 1990 at Sears. So it would seem I am approaching my 25th anniversary.

Kenmore-Refrigerator-1990(My Kenmore Refridgerator – 1990 – ?)

There have been a few times over the years when a power outage has hit and my dear friend has seemed to have taken its own sweet time about getting things chilled down but in the end, it has never failed.

Perhaps it has now become somewhat of a personal challenge, a death race shall we say. Should I go ahead and purchase a new refrigerator at my age or shall I stand fast on the chance that I go before the fridge? Should I put all my efforts into outlasting the fridge or should I simply take the much wiser approach and replace it before I’m left in a freezerless (new word) dilemma?

I have taken the time to sit down and try to put my true feelings into words. It is surely prudent to let my refrigerator know how much I appreciated its steadfastness and loyalty over the years. So it is with my “Ode to a Fridge” that I try to convey my thanks for all those years. And now that it is finished I think that I shall print it out on some nice, fancy paper and place it on the refrigerator door so that my fridge never doubts its worth.

“Ode to a Fridge”

I think that I shall never see
A fridge that’s been as good to me.
There to meet my every need
Day to day like a faithful steed.

Standing tall through thick and thin
With your sturdy shelves and large veggie bin.
The stores within, they may come and go
But your love for them all, you continue to show.

Your gentle hum soothes the mind
You have no fear of the passing time.
I cannot bear to think of the day
When the Sear’s truck comes to cart you away.

Your days like mine are surely numbered
But the chains of death remain encumbered.
So on we will go until our end
Stand tall to the wall my steadfast friend.

For now my dear fridge together we stay
Looking forward to each freezer filled day.
I’ll keep you clean so you continue to shine
So let’s take it to the limit one day at a time.

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