The Tenderness of Motherhood….

Originally Published November 3, 2009

The tenderness of motherhood exists throughout the world we live and we humans, as well as our animal counterparts, seem to honor and exhibit that tenderness of motherhood in exemplary fashion. A tenderness that is exhibited whether it is…..

Motherhood 1On A Riverbank….

Motherhood 2In The Artic….

Motherhood 3On the African Serengeti….

Motherhood 4In the Oceans….

Motherhood 5In the Jungles of India


Motherhood 6At a City Park Near You

2 thoughts on “The Tenderness of Motherhood….

  1. Ouch!

    I’ve often thought there should be some kind of test before a person could become a parent. Some people just aren’t fit to raise children. (One good indicator is how they’d treat a dog … )

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