Senior Moment #43

Posted by Posted in Backyard Birding, Food & Cooking, Humor & Satire Posted on 06 - 26 - 2014

Buttering ToastAs many of my peers are aware, those classic ‘senior moments’ can come at anytime. They seem to lurk everywhere and spring out to grab us when we least expect it!

Such was the case yesterday morning as I walked up the hallway on the way to the kitchen to fix my ritual breakfast which always consists of one solitary piece of toast with of course, butter. Now I ask you, whose thinking about having a senior moment for something as simple as that?

So… I take a small plate from the cabinet for the toast and a butter knife from the silverware drawer, setting them next to the toaster as always. I then get the butter carton from the refrigerator, scoop the ritual amount of butter from the carton onto the knife, lay the knife on the plate and return the butter carton to the refrigerator. As I wait for the toast to pop out of the toaster, I walk to the patio door and take a look or two outside and then casually walk back to the kitchen. As I gaze out the kitchen window I suddenly come to the stark realization that I have been waiting a while now for my piece of toast to pop out of the toaster. As I look over to see what’s going on with the toaster it only takes a split second to understand. There is no bread in the toaster. The toaster sits idle. I never got my loaf of bread out of the cabinet and put a slice in the toaster!

That my dear friends for those who may not know is a classic senior moment! And for me it is number 43 since I have been counting for several years now!

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