Crossing One of the Last Thresholds….

Posted by Posted in Biographical Scrapbooking, Health Information, News & Current Events Posted on 01-01-2018

Well nothing perhaps outstanding or striking about the building shown above, well at least on the surface anyway, but just a few days ago I opened the door to this exact building shown above and perhaps crossed the threshold into my new future and a potential major change in lifestyle. How’s that you may ask? Well that is one of our local assisted-living facilities named Elmcroft Assisted Living and I was there checking the facility out with my little sister and considering whether it would soon be my new home.

Yep, there is that all too familiar word “home” we often hear spoken of when relating to usolder folk. Seems to take on a little different context when we think of it in light of an assisted-living facility or nursing home. We can all relate I’m sure to the all to familiar comment uttered under the context of humor, “Yea, we had to put poor old grandpa in the home last week.”

It may be simply the “home” to the ┬ádiscerned onlookers but for those of us who are about to make our beds and take our meals there, it becomes important to us both for our mental well-being and our overall health that we do try to make it our home, a home little different from the one we may have been living in the many years.

The living quarters are quite small but for folks like me with COPD small places with short distances to get from one area to another are a blessing. The building halls, day-rooms and dining areas are quite large so now I have to consider adding a wheel chair into my life and daily existence. You sit in the darkness and ponder all these things and secretly morn these aging turns of events and yet in the light of day you cope. It’s just what you do.

When you live alone you have much to consider and you have family to consider. You have to try and make decisions that don’t make your life a burden on their lives. Love works both ways. So now I sit with my family and we discuss tomorrow and all the changes that will come in the next few weeks.

And regarding the living alone, when you move in to one of these places you are about to inherit a gaggle of roommates. So I assume you best get ready for a kink or two or three in all that quiet time you were so used too.