Sister, Sister… Oh my, what have you done?

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A few months ago I decided as one of my prerequisites in preparing for my eventual death and subsequent move to Cemeteryville I did not want to be encumbered with having to cram a bunch of stuff into my casket for the long trip nor did I want to leave a bunch of stuff sitting around that my sisters would have to deal with disposing of after my death.

Among that ‘bunch of stuff’ that I referred to was one of my favorite things, a puma/cougar statuette that I had owned now for over forty years. It certainly didn’t demand any monetary value of any consequence but it was an item that had been a centerpiece of my home decorations for all these years. The picture below I think represents the 3-foot tall statuette in all its elegance and grandeur….


Now my youngest sister had in recent years expressed a sincere interest in perhaps having the statuette upon my departure for Cemeteryville and I could not have been any happier that a dear family member wanted something for themselves that had been so important to me. So it was a few months ago when I was cleaning out my attic trying to dispose of many of my ‘bunch of stuff’ items that I decided to go ahead and give the puma/cougar to my sister as I knew it would receive the care and stature that it so deserved when it moved to its new home.

So now I fast-forward to my most recent rant regarding the offense of a very early Christmas display erected by a neighbor across the street from me who is selling his house and in fact doesn’t even live there anymore. The offense of early Christmas decorating has always been a bit of a pet peeve with me. And I was again going to have to deal with the same offense again when making a recent visit to my sister’s home. But let me say in her defense, before that visit she had fore warned me she had decorated early due to her upcoming busy schedule. And I understood that and could live with that…. up to a point!

Now upon my arrival for my visit as we walked through her great room on our way to my sister’s kitchen table where our visits normally took place, I quickly took in her Christmas decorating and thought it was quite elegant as was to be expected of course.

But it was some two hours later as I was leaving from quite the pleasant visit that I glanced over toward her fire place as I was walking back through her great room and found myself staring in absolute shock. There next to her fireplace was my beautiful puma/cougar statuette totally defaced in my opinion due to a damn Santa hat on top of its head. I actually thought for a moment I was going to lose consciousness but fortunately quickly recovered. I immediately turned to my sister and asked, “What in the world have you done to my puma/cougar statuette? You put a Santa hat on him?” (Well, here…. you’ve got to see this to believe it)…..


My sister, rather than wreathing in pain and embarrassment from defacing one of her brother’s most cherished possessions as one would expect, immediately broke out in laughter noting that she wondered if I would notice how her Christmas decorating inspirations had befallen one of my most favorite things. In the end of course we all had a good laugh over the situation and of course in reality it was nice to see my puma/cougar get a rather prominent place in the great room’s Christmas decorations scheme of things when it was all said and done. He does look quite handsome there, Santa hat and all…. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving….

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Home Christmas decorations already….?

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Well, to each his own I suppose but seems to me it’s way too early to be decorating the outside of your home for Christmas. Thanksgiving is still three weeks away and Christmas is some eight weeks away but there my neighbor was yesterday decorating away. And besides that, the house is for sale and he hasn’t lived there for almost three months. As you take a look at the photographs below (click on photo to enlarge) it’s easy to see that there is no snow on the ground and the leaves on the trees are still green. Well, I’m just sayin’….