Movie Review – “Sweet Land” (2005)

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Sweet Land - 2005 - 02

It has been sometime since I have done any sort of movie review. In fact, it has been sometime since I have even posted on this blog at all. But this past evening after watching the subject movie of this review for my third time since March 14th of this year its injection of exuberance from the entertainment factor of this film has simply gotten the best of me.

Set in the early 1920’s of post World War I, a mail-order bride comes to America to marry an immigrant Norwegian farmer who had procured a homestead in Minnesota. The young woman, being of German descent is immediately ostracized by the local community and the local church’s minister. The minister refuses to marry them and local officials refuse to issue government documents to her which would resolve the communities perceived suspicions, again all because of her German heritage and the lingering raw feelings regarding Germany and the aftermath of the war.

The young woman’s husband-to-be must grapple with his religious convictions and the critical eyes of the church in dealing with how he and the woman are to cohabit in an unmarried situation. She speaks little English and must personally deal with trying to understand all that is going on in all the social turmoil.

The farmer’s young bride-to-be turns out to be a very strong and formidable partner as they vie for acceptance into their community. All and all, it is a very heart warming love story peppered with humorous moments and a film which will draw you in and won’t let you go until the very end.