Yep, I’ve redecorated the blog….

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Recently, with the help of my little sister and brother-in-law we cleaned out my attic. Actually I prefer to think we rescued many of my treasures that had been exiled from my living quarters for a very, very long time. But now they’re all back with me and cluttering up my life yet once again. But then let’s face it, who wants to die alone?

But enough about the attic and dying. In the process of doing all that I also got the urge to, what I call, repaint my blog. Just like painting your house, it’s the same old house in the same old neighborhood, it just has a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Otherwise, yep, it’s just the same old blog.

My favorite colors have always been a combination of browns, oranges and yellows including their various shades. That can easily be confirmed if you walk inside my home. If you don’t like browns, oranges and yellows you ain’t going to like it there as is reflected in the photos below of my living room (left) and computer room (right)….

Living Room - 2006
Computer Room - 2007

And so based on that it should come as no big surprise that if I get the urge to repaint the old blog it’s going to incorporate my living colors. Presently I have chosen to feature an overall burnt orange feel to the old blog with, as you can note, brown highlights. That’s about all I can say other than I plan on cleaning out my storage room next, probably in the spring, so I am not sure what ramifications my blog may endure from that endeavor… 🙂

In Remembrance – Glenn Frey

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The Eagles - In The Beginning

Glenn Frey - 1I was shocked this past evening to hear of the passing of Glenn Frey. It seemed I had just checked the latest news a couple of hours ago and had seen nothing regarding his passing. What a storied career he lived, he and his partner Don Henley putting together the California rock group which we would all come to know as “The Eagles”.

Glenn Frey & Don HenleyThe combined compilation of Eagle’s music is just absolutely amazing in my opinion and the majority of credit for it all goes directly to Glenn Frey and Don Henley for the most part. I’ve noted with the release of the news regarding Glenn’s death that most are associating the song “Hotel California” as their chosen musical reference when writing of Frey’s passing. Don Felder actually created the roots of that song while Frey and Henley are credited with writing the lyrics to the iconic song.

As far as I am concerned it is not the Eagle’s song that one would choose to specifically associate with Glenn Frey and his association with this prolific group of musicians and singers. That song in my opinion is the iconic song that normally the group opened their shows with that did indeed feature Glenn Frey. It goes something like this….

Thank you Glenn for all you contributed to our generation along with a number of iconic songs that will forever remain as a part of that legacy. May you rest in peace….

In Remembrance – Alan Rickman

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I was quite saddened to learn of the death of Alan Rickman yesterday. He was such a favorite actor of mine and his demeanor, his rhythm and diction of speech and his acting will truly be missed by me.

Article Lead - narrow65815265138cafimage.related.articleLeadNarrow.353x0.136ndt.png1423434063847.jpg-300x0I remember first seeing him in the film “Die Hard” but at the time I wasn’t particularly drawn to him for any reason. But then I saw him in the film “Quigley Down Under” in the early nineties and that’s when I really began to appreciate him as an actor with great persona. I wasn’t a huge “Harry Potter” fan but it was in part his role as Professor Severus Snape that kept me somewhat interested in the series of films. But when I saw him in the film “Sense and Sensibility” he was amazing and no doubt in his element.

Thank you Mr. Rickman for touching my life through your life’s work, you will be truly missed and may you forever rest in peace…

Do you remember where you were when…. ?

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Do you remember where you were when…?

That, of course, is an all too familiar question that seems to have established its prominent roots surrounding the events of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in November of 1963 and then notably again with events surrounding the World Trade Center’s attack of September 11, 2001.

The FugitiveBut in the late 1960’s there was a televised event that for many millions across the United States evoked that same question as time distanced itself from the event. There were several notable televisions shows airing during those years. Just to name a few, there was The Andy Griffith Show; Bonanza; The Flintstones; The Twilight Zone; The Beverly Hillbillies; Gunsmoke and The Ed Sullivan Show. But none of those shows would come close to competing for the intense drama that captivated the television viewing audiences as “The Fugitive”. And “The Fugitive” was so intensely popular and iconic in the day that it too was able to invoke the proverbial question of where were you when you watched the final episode? And to that end I submit my own personal account of the events leading up to the watching of that final episode in my life….

The Fugitive - David Janssen as Richard Kimble - 1963It was late August of 1967 and I sat down in front of my television the night of the 22nd as many other millions of viewers would do that night to watch the final 2-part episode of “The Fugitive”. The first part was to air on Tuesday evening of the 22nd and the second or final half on Tuesday evening of the 29th. As that first half of the final episode concluded on that evening of the 22nd my mind fast-forwarded to my upcoming wedding which was to take place in just 4 days. No time to ponder the fate of Dr. Kimble or the one-armed man for the moment.

I was still in the Air Force at the time and was stationed at Warner-Robbins AFB, Georgia which was near Macon, Georgia. I was about to be married for my second time and my new wife and I were planning on driving to New Orleans for our honeymoon, brief as it was to be. We were married in the afternoon on the 26th and spent our first night at a hotel in Columbus, Georgia. We drove on to Biloxi, Mississippi the morning of the 27th where we spent some time and ended up staying overnight at a motel there. Then the next morning, the 28th, we headed to New Orleans arriving late morning and stayed that evening at a hotel in the French Quarter.

David_Janssen_Fugitive_1967Now having already mentioned it would be a brief honeymoon, when we got up early Tuesday morning the 29th we both were acutely aware that the major event unfolding that evening was to be the final conclusion to “The Fugitive”. It was an 8-hour drive straight through to Macon, Georgia where we had rented an apartment and where we had planned on watching that final episode. It would be close but we decided we were up to the challenge so we headed for home.

Some eight hours later we found ourselves pushing the deadline. We were close but depending on traffic we could end up being a little late. So as we approached Macon we decided to divert to my wife’s parent’s home which we could get to quicker than we could get to our apartment. So that’s what we did and we arrived within fifteen minutes or so of when the last episode was to air.

And so it was that within the next hour or so the fate of Dr. Kimble and the one-armed man would be revealed to us all and after some four years the fans of the fugitive could finally breathe a collective sigh of relief… it was over.

Oh, and finally just for the record, it is interesting to note for the record the subsequent data that goes some distance in documenting the popularity of that final episode…

“Part two of the finale was the most-watched television series episode up to that time. It was viewed by 25.70 million households

(45.9 percent of American households with a television set and a 72 percent share), meaning that more than 78 million people tuned in. That record was held until the November 21, 1980 episode of Dallas, (“Who Done It”), viewed by 41.47 million households

(53.3 percent of households and a 76 percent share), which was later surpassed by the series finale of M*A*S*H, (“Goodbye, Farewell and Amen”), on February 28, 1983, viewed by 50.15 million households

(60.2 percent of households and a 77 percent share).”

Doc Martin Season 7 Premiere… but not for me!

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Doc Martin & Little DogThis morning would have been ushering in a pretty special day for me had I not intentionally circumvented the event that would have made it so special. This evening on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) is airing the premiere episode of the new Season 7 of Doc Martin, a favorite TV show of mine. But alas it won’t be a premiere for me because several weeks ago I ordered the then available DVD of Season 7 which I immortalized “here”.

I began watching one by one the eight episodes comprising the entire series watching the final episode, Episode 8, just this past week. So now here I sit on the eve of the premiere showing no signs of exuberance whatsoever for the night’s wonderful upcoming event.

Doc Martin & Louisa - MediumThe new season aired in the United Kingdom some months ago which was to be expected since it is an English production with mostly English actors. There all the chit-chat revolves around the question as to whether Season 7/Episode 8 will in fact usher in the end of the show. I, for one, hope so because as wonderful a production as it has been, it’s time to end the drama and let all the characters get on with their lives.

The final episode of this season left me with the sense that a future had been established for each and every character and to the old adage of “living happily ever after”, I will rest quite well each evening as I put my head to pillow believing it shall be so. Actually, now that I think about it, that seems to be pretty much how I approach every decision I have ever made in my life, believing the choice I make will lead to everlasting happiness or at least hoping so… 😕