New Guidelines for Dog & Cat/Human Age Comparisons….

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I think we are all fairly familiar with the dog and cat ageing comparison equating to the measure that every 7 human years are equal to 1 dog/cat year. Well, now there is a more scientific and veterinarian endorsed measurement.

International Cat Care Organization and the Pet Health Network have recently released new ageing statistics and information for dogs and cats regarding the correlation between dog and cat years compared to human years.

Age Chart - Dogs(Dog Age Comparison Chart)

Age Chart - Cats(Cat Age Comparison Chart)

Thought I would post the information for those of you interested in such things and perhaps not aware of the new more scientific method for making more accurate determinations regarding those age comparisons…. 🙂

Invasion of the Acorn Hoarders….

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It just doesn’t seem possible to me, at least at the moment, to relate the latest disconcerting and aggravating episode of life’s trials put upon me in any sort of condensed version. So I must bear the toil of ascribing this latest trial to you in some detail as it winds its seemingly never ending path while you, should you even dare, must tag along and endure what will surely seem to be a journalistic maze.

It would seem critters of all sorts, sizes and family origins have perhaps been bewitched by the wicked Mother Nature of the East and set upon me to taunt, harass and just in general make life here in the neighborhood dark and miserable. It seems to have all begun summer before last….

Cardinal MessPerhaps you’ll might remember the persistent male Cardinal that spent the summer fighting the other male Cardinal he was seeing in my side view car mirror and making a mess of both my mirror and my car door (no pun intended). Well if you forgot note click on the photo just to the left or you can refresh your memory with all the gory details ‘here’.

I eventually resolved that critter crisis when this past September, unbeknownst to me, I was about to be besieged by yet more bewitched critters. It all started innocently enough with my clothes dryer. I went to dry some washed clothes one morning and when I turned on my dryer I heard quite a disconcerting rattling sound coming from the vicinity of my dryers vent hose. The sound only lasted for a couple of seconds and then everything sounded fine. Next time I did a wash and it was time to dry the clothes, same thing, a brief rattling sound coming from the dryer then everything was fine.

Well, if you’re like me disconcerting sounds from a clothes dryer tend to send up all sorts of red flags, the most serious of course is perhaps the potential fire danger from a malfunctioning dryer. So I finally called an appliance repair company who came out and after a brief examination could not find an issue but noted several acorns on my patio around the dryer vent and suggested that it might be some small critter using my vent hose as a place to hide his acorn stash and each time I turned on my dryer it would blow them out of the vent and on to my patio.

My dryer vent seemed too small for a squirrel to enter so I assumed it must be some sort of mouse or small rat. Then only a couple of nights later I had gotten up out of bed in the middle of the night to go tinkle and while standing there heard what sounded like gnawing just below where I was standing under the floor. That was very upsetting to me because I am almost fanatical about insuring that nothing can get inside my home’s crawl space from the outside. If the sound was indeed emanating from under the house whatever it was would have surely had to burrow from outside and then under the house foundation to get under the house.

Next morning after getting up I went outside and inspected the outside of the house near where I had heard the gnawing that night but saw no evidence at all of any burrowing or possible access for a critter to get under the house. But it is fall and there are lots of leaves everywhere, perhaps I could miss something. At any rate I broke out my stash of small mouse traps. That first day I set my first one on the patio along the side of the house near the opening to the dryer vent. Next morning, Walla….


Just to be sure there wasn’t more than one of those critters I set the mouse trap again but set this one on the other end of my patio near wear I had heard the gnawing and next morning, Walla….


After that second night I tallied up the score and I saw it as, Alan-2/Mice-0! And it is certainly worth noting that those results were confirmed as final. Just in case, I set a mouse trap under the house for a few days and caught nothing. Also there were no more rattling noises emanating from the dryer and that has remained so to date. So, problem resolved right? Wrong….

It was just like any other partially warm, sunny December day as I got in my car to head out for my weekly grocery shopping. As I was backing out of the drive I hit my windshield washer lever just to clean off my windshield a bit. “Uh oh, nothing but a whirring sound and no fluid coming out onto the windows. Well crap!” I thought to myself, “I’m out of washer fluid.” But that was okay because I knew I actually had a gallon or so in my storage room so I would just have to remember to refill the reservoir in the next day or two.

And so it was a few days later that I went out to take care of that little chore. After struggling to get the hood open on my Chrysler and getting one of those lovely blood spots I posted about a few days ago, I finally got the hood open. It was at that very moments that complete shock ensued when I got a look at what was under my hood. Every little crick and cranny under that hood had acorn shells piled in them, including bunches of them on top of the engine itself.

When I saw them in the little indentations and cubby holes on and around the engine it was a bit alarming. Fortunately my driving normally consists of little jaunts here or little jaunts there, but if I had driven the car long enough to really heat up that engine I’m not sure those things might not have caught fire. They looked like fresh kindling lying around everywhere but of course those literally on the engine themselves being the most disconcerting.

I inspected the compartment as best I could quite honestly expecting to find wires or hoses having been gnawed on or damaged. Fortunately there was no visible evidence of damage or of any sort of nest building, just tons of acorn shells. Oddly enough, there were no whole acorns at all, just bits and pieces of shells and the accompanying photographs will bear out.

So I got out my leaf blower and blew all the acorn remnants out from under my hood and when I finished things looked pretty normal to me. So I put up my leaf blower, closed the hood and got into the car to test the windshield washer just to make sure it was working again. Bad news! It still wasn’t working. I could hear the pump running but now washer coming out of the window sprayers.

As you can imagine I wasn’t happy about that outcome but I was happy about finding out about my acorn hoarders thus averting which may have caused a serious engine fire at some point. So for the moment that in itself might have been better in the short term that repairing the windshield washer.

But now my attention turned to my favorite little car, my Geo Metro which is parked right next to my Chrysler. I thought that surely it had also fallen victim to the critter hoarders. As expected, opening the hood on the Geo did in fact reveal the deeds of their apparent numerous visits. Yet more acorn shells tucked here and there once again in every crick and cranny. When I found this mess under the hood of my Chrysler I failed to get any photographs of the deed but that wasn’t the case this time. Below are photos of the Geo engine compartment and as usual, be sure to click on image to enlarge….

Geo Engine Compartment - 02

Geo Engine Compartment - 04
Geo Engine Compartment - 03

My detective work to date has not produced any real satisfying results as to the origin of the acorn shells. In trying to decide whether it was squirrels or rats I thought the ‘poop’ configuration might give me a solid clue. Well as luck would have it, the poop configuration for rats and squirrels is all but identical. And it is quite evident in the above photographs since there are definite ‘poop’ samples available for viewing.

As far as how my windshield washer malfunction plays into all this, well I went to my local auto repair station shortly thereafter and after opening my hood and searching out the washer hose path the service technician almost immediately found a small severed washer hose. He trimmed the two severed ends, slipped on a small length of shrink-tubing and I was back in business. And…. it only cost me $10.

So… obviously I will have to remain vigilant and be on the lookout for any further developments regarding this matter. I could put some hope in the possibility that the two rats/mice that I did send to their demise just might be the culprits behind this deed as well, time will tell I suppose. 🙁

Lil’ sister’s Birthday Balloon is free…. free at last!

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What was supposed to be another of my wonderful home videos turned into, as far as I’m concerned, pretty much a complete disaster this morning. It couldn’t have been much easier to accomplish the simplistic goal for the video, but the results were shameful.

It all started exactly two months and one day ago. It was my birthday and my little sister showed up at the house with a couple of birthday cards and something else that in my 74 years I’m not sure I had ever gotten, one of those gas-filled birthday balloons that everyone is surely familiar with….

Birthday Day Balloon - 2 Months Old(Click to Enlarge)

The balloon of course had a small weight on the end of the ribbon tied to it so I placed it on a large table I had there in my den. That was about the extent of the hoopla over the balloon at the time and we moved on to the reading of the birthday cards.

Now, after about a month had passed that little old happy birthday balloon was still flying high over the table I had put it on there in the den. I was somewhat amazed because I figured it would have been out of gas (no pun intended) and lying somewhere on the floor by then. I guess it was at that point that the balloon seemed to take on a life of its own.

A balloon who could hang in there and still be flying high after a month…. well, that was my kind of balloon. I guess you could say we became roommates of a sort after that with me checking on his well-being almost every morning. As my balloon mate began to approach the two-month water mark here recently, I decided that this little balloon deserved much better than to be shuttered in this old house with this old man for the rest of its life. It was time to set him free and let him live his life from that point on to the fullest. He had done his job where I was concerned and had surely fulfilled his monetary worth for little sis.

So I decided that I would turn him lose one morning in the next few days on a nice day with calm wind and I would also video the event. But over the next few mornings the weather never cooperated and then this morning the weather seemed to be perfect. But instead of letting my balloon mate go in the backyard I decided to do it up right and take the balloon to our nationally acclaimed city park, Burns Park, and set him free from there next to the grand old Arkansas River.

And so it was that the planned release was accomplished and my balloon mate soared to the heavens and hopefully is still aloft and doing well. Unfortunately, my attempts to capture the event on video went terribly amuck or should I truthfully say, the videographer was the one that went amuck. Shortly after the balloon was released I lost it in the camera’s viewfinder, just briefly at one point catching a glimpse of the balloon going around the back of a tree and then I could never locate the balloon again in the viewfinder. I could see the balloon rising away in the distance find but I couldn’t find him using the camera’s viewfinder. The very few seconds of the disappointing video that I did get are documented below….

Well, needless to say I was pissed but at least I got a shortened version of his release to a well-deserved freedom. Right at the end of the video it may have appeared the balloon was perhaps hung-up in the tree but no, it was just behind the tree and still rising. In the end, I actually remained totally amazed that the balloon remained inflated and fully functional for exactly one month and 23 days before receiving its owner declared emancipation proclamation and subsequent freedom…. 🙂

The CFL… No, not the Canadian Football League!

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I recently had a CFL (Compact Flourescent Lamp) in my kitchen that would begin blinking rapidly, sometimes even going off after a period of time. I would always go over and switch it off at the light swith when that happened, then switch it back on to see if it would stop the blinking. It wouldn’t but I found if I waited for a couple of minutes and then flipped the switch back on and the light would again be working fine. It would normally work fine for 30 – 45 minutes before it would start acting up. My kitchen ceiling bulb is 150 watt and they are fairly expensive bulbs so it was my intent to squeeze every penny of my purchase price out of it before ultimately disposing of it for non-performance.

Normally I was only in the kitchen for short periods so the bulb would not be an issue, it usually acted up in the evening when I would be cooking my evening meal since I was spending a longer time in my kitchen. Finally however it got to be more of an aggravation than my ‘chef’ temperment could digest so I got a new bulb from cabinet and replaced it.

End of story, right? Well, not so fast it would seem. After I removed and replaced the bulb and then began to closely look at the bulb I saw obvious burn marks at the bulb base and melted plastic which gave me a real jolt and I found quite disconcerting. It looked to me that I was holding in my hand what appeared to be a definite fire hazard. I took the photos below of the bulb, to see a larger version be sure and click on the photo….

CFL Bulb - 01

CFL Bulb - 02
CFL Bulb - 03

I decided this issue warranted some serious investigation so I immediately began checking into this issue on-line I was totally surprised at what I was to read from several seemingly reliable sources. First and foremost was the fact that what I am seeing in those photographs of my bulb are absolutely normal characteristics of the bulb and present no fire risk whatsoever. Are you kidding me? Burnt, melted bases are normal with a CFL?

Below is a specific quote from National Geographic’s ‘Green Guide’ regarding the burn marks and associated melting similar to those shown in my photographs….

“Bulbs burn out when the ballast overheats and an electronic component, the Voltage Dependent Resistor (VDR), opens up like a fuse in your home’s fuse box, shutting off the circuit and generating heat and possibly a small amount of smoke. This might sound dangerous, but the VDR is a cut-off switch that prevents any hazards. The melted plastic you’re seeing where the glass coil connects to the ballast is simply a sign that the heat is escaping as intended in the design of the bulb.”

In a nutshell, healthy CFL bulbs may emit a bit of smoke and smell and have burnt-looking bases when they die, but that’s as it should be — there’s no fire danger to any of that, and indeed the bulbs are functioning properly when they act that way.

However, flames shooting out the side of a bulb is not the way things should be. It needs be kept in mind that any electrical device can malfunction, either through manufacturing defects or as a result of misuse by consumers. Says Globe of the bulb in the photo, “As for this particular incident, the mention of flames/fire in the story is certainly outside of the norm and as such we would encourage the consumer to bring the bulb to their local fire marshal and/or safety authority to further investigate.”

Well, it may be standard operating procedure for them but I find that a bit hard to come to terms with. Besides, whose sitting around spending all their time watching light bulbs to see if their bases are melting or even worse, shooting out fire.

I’ve currently got mostly CFL bulbs though out the house with a few exceptions of some old incandescent that haven’t given up the ghost yet. I have never purchased one of the new LED light bulbs but understand they are quite expensive. Well expensive or not, it may be time to abandoned the CFL league of bulbs. I don’t think melted and burned bases is something I’m comfortable with living with…. 🙁

They Call It Ecchymosis….

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They call it Ecchymosis…. I call it aggravating or tarnished vanity run amuck!

You see them often on an elderly person, those reddish looking bruises or blood spots. There are various medical terms given them, primarily based on an individual’s underlying health issues that may be the cause. Others of us like me get them due to the thinning of the epidermis thickness or walls of our veins.

There is absolutely no pain or discomfort experienced by these reddish black splotches but I do find them somewhat embarrassing in a sense. Other people certainly notice them and are certainly not attracted to them in any measure and can be noticeably turned off by them just as I am.

I seem to get the damn things on a regular basis, sometimes just from a simple little bump of the hand against something. And if you do bump your hand, you know they’re coming although it will take several minutes to a half-hour for it to fully manifest itself. Sometimes you look down and see one of those big red splotches and are clueless as to where it came from or how you got it. I even get them from time to time just from pulling my hand out of the pocket of my blue jeans. It’s just ridiculous and you can sometimes get your dandruff up a bit over them!

Just to share a couple with you, this first one I got simply trying to open the hood on my car the other day….

Hand after opening car hood

This second one had a little more ominous origin although completely painless. I had a small Melanoma surgically removed from my forearm a few years ago and when they removed the IV they had in my hand this was my reward….

Hand after Melanoma Surgery

I know, I know…. it looks really horrible but your hand actually feels fine, it’s simply a cosmetic thing. It took this one seemingly forever to disperse. And when you go out in public, you just want to wear a pair of gloves or keep your hands in your pocket to eliminate all the stares you are sure to garnish from other people. Normally however, these splotches like the one in the first picture disappear within a couple of weeks.

Okay, guess I’m finished complaining for the moment, at least about these things anyway. Just another one of those fun things we elderly folks get to enjoy in our day to day activities.

Confessions of an old senile blogger….

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The Electric Key Orchestra Website - Version 1(My First Website – Click to Enlarge)

I have just completed posting and backdating into this blog a majority of all the posts that I have ever written going back to April of 2006. Having said that right up front, I can only imagine the thoughts going through the mind of any sane blogger that might actually be reading this post. Who would do such a thing, and for what reason unless they were some sort of poor, old senile individual? Well, it would seem this poor, old senile man is about to tell you….

My blogging experience over the years has carried me through several blogs, even personal websites that had associated blogs, to a point where I have pretty much alienated a majority of my followers and others who would leave a comment from time to time. It’s not so much the fact that I changed my blog but rather the number of times I changed my blog which I will address a bit later. And of course Facebook certainly contributed to that loss also, just as it did for many other bloggers. Granted I never got into blogging for the purpose of becoming the most famous blogger in Cyberspace, nevertheless followers and visitors are comforting to have if you do blog. Having followers does in itself create motivation and inspiration in some measure which I’m sure varies from blogger to blogger, not to mention the enjoyment for the most part of reading their comments on your chosen subject matter.

I had saved a majority of my previous blog posts in Microsoft Word which in hindsight was a huge mistake on my part. Primarily because if I did ever want to reinstate the posts I would lose all the previous comments made by my visitors. What I should have done is saved my ‘database’ file from my basic blogging software and then I would have been able to reinstate it all with a couple of clicks of the mouse button. I have now however remedied that problem by installing a new plugin, Updraft Plus, which I have set up to automatically do that backup once a month.

My current blog is titled of course, “Writing To Myself”, and is actually a second generation of a previous blog. I initially created the blog in 2011 but then in early 2012 took an extended hiatus deleting the blog and then when I eventually went back to blogging again I started a new blog with a different name but used a blog name and URL I had used previously back in 2007, “Some Final Thoughts”. Just given those facts alone is it any wonder why I alienated so many of my previous followers and visitors?

I initially began my blogging career using Google’s popular “Blogger” software. The following three blogs were my first three which used the Blogger format. After a time I became familiar with other blogging software and formats and also realized there were limitations with “Blogger” regarding graphics and video which in my style of blogging were very important. So in 2007 I moved my blogging activities to the WordPress software. To further eliminate any limitations to my blogging activities, I had my WordPress software installed with an independent hosting company, Atlas Hosting. By the way, the Google Blogger blogs were….

The Electric Key Orchestra Journal (Part of The Electric Key Orchestra website)
Retirement Is A Bitch…. and then you die
Some Final Thoughts…. then I’m off to Cemeteryville

Some Final Thoughts - Screen Capture(Blog: Some Final Thoughts – Hosted by Google’s Blogger – Click to Enlarge)

Then after moving my blogging activities to WordPress I opened my new blogging enterprise with the first of several other blogs. That first WordPress blog, “The Cyberspace Dawdler”, would turn out to be the most successful blog of them all. I highly suspect that was because I kept it running for almost two years before once again pulling the plug. At that point I wasn’t senile, just simply an idiot! The listing below reflects the blogs I have had since utilizing WordPress….

The Cyberspace Dawdler
Writing To Myself – 1st Version
Some Final Thoughts – 2nd Version
Writing To Myself – Current Version

Cyberspace Dawdler Blog(Blog: The Cyberspace Dawdler – My Most Successful Blog – Click to Enlarge)

So here I was a few weeks ago, depressed and remorseful that I had squandered not only most of my followers, limited as they may have been, but in particular all those blog posts that I had written over all those years which in reality really did reflect on who I was and the things that interested me. But if you have been a blogger for any real length of time, you pretty much know that those old posts that are stored in our blog’s archival sections are seldom if ever read again after their initial posting and moment in the sun. So why would anyone go to all the trouble to reinstate a large number of posts that common sense tells them no one will ever read in the first place. Well the answer to that from a man who did it was that I enjoyed doing it and it helped fill the hours of the day. I enjoyed reading them, updating any associated links and remembering that each and every one of them was in a sense a labor of love. I have almost always written out of self-interest and with a joy of what I was sharing. I would think most personal bloggers would be blogging for similar reasons.

And now after almost a decade of blogging and sharing my past, my likes and dislikes, my passions… I find that with little more to share except what comes with daily life itself, I wanted those writings and posts brought back together to make complete who this blogger was. I have just a few more posts to reinstate but for the most part I am done. And given all this grand-fathering of posts, I have made a personal commitment to myself to let this blog stand, regardless of the lack of inspiration that stimulates me with regard to further new posts.

In the end it really is all about the posts I think. The followers and visitors are certainly the icing on the cake for sure for a blogger and often gives one another perspective and/or opinion to consider regarding what they have written. So there you have it, about as extensive a history I can document on my blogging activities and on how I got from there to here. And so as it has been written, let it be so that I will continue to “endeavor to persevere” in this blogging venture.

After all, I still remain the most interesting man I know…. 😀

Movie Review – “Robot & Frank” (2012)

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3-Star Post MasterRobot & Frank - 2012 - 03

Well it has certainly been a while since I have submitted a movie review. Sadly enough, I’m not sure that I have watched more than two or three films since my last review even worth making a them post worthy.

Yesterday while doing my blog rounds I popped in on Ronni Bennet’s “Time Goes By” blog where she was featuring a new post, ” Robot Caregivers and Old People“. And in that post she featured a movie trailer which was in fact exactly what the film portrayed. After watching the brief trailer I was completely snared by what I had seen.

So I immediately headed into Cyberspace to see if I could find more information on this film. Since I had up to this point never heard of the film I certainly assumed it was yet to be released but that was my first mistaken assumption. The film had been released in 2012 and had also won the Sundance Film Festival’s “Alfred P. Sloan Prize” for the year 2012. That prize is awarded to films which feature science and technology in its main story line.

I thought at first I would just order the movie but then, being a Comcast subscriber, thought I should check their available movies first. As luck would have it they did have it in their ‘On Demand’ library of films and were renting it for $3.99. I certainly will admit to having a cheap streak in me from time to time but I had been hooked on the movie trailer so not even the rental fee of $3.99 was enough to deter me from what would be my Friday night at the movies.

But now to the film itself. The film’s setting is set in the not to distant future where robot technology has been developed for a more common use in both the home and the work place. The main character played by Frank Langella, a real favorite actor of mine, is a divorced, aging elderly man with a son and a daughter and who seems to be suffering in some small measure from dementia. Quite independent in his nature, his son is worried that he lives alone out in a somewhat rural area and seems to do little to take care of himself or his home. So his son purchases him a robot which is programmed primarily as a caregiver and housekeeper.

When he introduces his gift of this robot to his father it certainly does not receive a warm welcome. Of course as the film progresses we watch our main character slowly warm up to his new companion. But in the process we also learn that our main character has a bit of a character flaw. He is an ex-cat burglar aka jewel thief with a measure of prison time in his past. As the film progresses even further his underlying passions for his trade as a jewel thief slowly emerge when triggered by events in the film. Along the way he also begins to realize the capabilities of his new robotic companion and decides solicit and train his new companion in the finer arts of thievery.

I suppose at this point I should resist from any further dissertation regarding the film’s plot or outcome. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and it was well worth the $3.99 I begrudgingly forked over to Comcast. This movie was, however, very difficult to rate for me. I wrestled with a 3-Star or a 4-Star rating and continue to wrestle with that even as I write my little review here. I want, in a sense, to give it a 4-Star rating based on entertainment value alone but if I stick to my own definitions of my rating scales, it has to be a 3-Star. The reason being, if you are familiar with my rating system, is that to get a 4-Star rating there has to be a conscious assurance that this is a movie I will want to watch again in the future. Although I found it entertaining in almost every sense, I do doubt that I would ever watch the film again. But it certainly warrants watching for a charming night of entertainment…. 🙂

Tom Jones – “Long Lost Suitcase” (The new album)

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Harry Borden/Courtesy of the artist.

The origins of this post are all born from National Public Radio (NPR) who featured an article yesterday regarding the release of a new album by Tom Jones. Tom is some nine months older than me so after giving a few tracks of this new album, “Long Lost Suitcase”, a listen, I was extremely impressed with the way his voice equaled the task. The album is to be released December 4th.

From some old Americana to some good old Memphis blues, I found the majority of the albums offerings quite tasty. It wasn’t what I was expecting given his music of the past but was always the case with Tom Jones in my opinion, I have heard little to none songs from any musical genre that he wasn’t able to handle, sometimes even expanding.

If you’re a Tom Jones fan perhaps you will enjoy the attached samples from the album’s various selections made available through “Spotify” from NPR’s feature preview article for this post….

Tom Jones – “Long Lost Suitcase”

The “Like” Button Conundrum….

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Like Button 01


I have always had a bit of an issue with the infamous “Like” button that we often see on social media sites to include blogs of course. I feel reasonably certain others have had similar feelings also. “Facebook” seems to be the perpetrator of this communication icon so I am aware of the proper direction my disdain should be directed. And everyone has to be wondering why if you have a ‘like’ button that there isn’t a ‘dislike’ button.

One would initially assume that if you click on a ‘like’ button you are acknowledging your approval or at best some measure of affection for someone’s post or comment. But in reality it is more often used as simply a way of letting the person whose post or comment you are viewing know that you have seen it or acknowledged it. One has to presume that if a post is describing the passing on of dear old grandma that clicking one’s ‘like’ button doesn’t mean that you have enjoyed hearing about grandma’s passing.

I have a “Like” button on each of my WordPress blog posts but I view it on my blog as well as other blogs with similar buttons as an “I Was Here” button. In fact, I really would like it if they would just rename the button to exactly that. Usually if someone really likes someone’s post they are most likely going to leave a comment and by the same token, if they don’t like it they may also let you know about that!

I’m not fanatical with regard to folks commenting on my blog posts. I’m certainly happy if they do share a thought or two but I don’t get miffed if they don’t. But I do find myself enjoying and knowing who has dropped by and looked in on my post.


There are plug-ins for blogs where you can create your own ‘like’ buttons and as a plus, you can name the button whatever you like. Only problem is you don’t know who clicked it. That is why I especially like the “WordPress” ‘like’ button because it leaves a calling card (avatar) of the visitor who clicked on it. I for one use the button for just exactly that. I like for someone to know I visited their blog but clicking that button does not necessarily mean I like or dislike their post. It simply means I took the time to stop by and read their post.

Hey! Got an opinion? Feel free to throw it into the pot.