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Don’t know about you but when I read about this….

My Child - My ChoiceParent’s rally against a California measure to require children to be vaccinated

I think about this….

Children’s Polio Ward - Iron LungsChildren’s Iron Lung Polio Ward – 1952

Are Joe and Walter related….?

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Obama & Biden

Perhaps you have seen the photo above which appeared here locally in our state newspaper this morning. This particular photo showing the President and Vice President in the White House Rose Garden where the President was expressing his thoughts and satisfaction regarding the ruling just handed down regarding the Affordable Health Care Act. There was just something about that photograph that grabbed my attention.


Not that I have ever shared my thoughts on this matter but after seeing a photo in the newspaper this morning I feel I must. I just cannot help but wonder if Joe and Walter are not related. I think it must boil down to their facial expressions. Vice President Biden has a great smile, not doubt about it and that is usually how we see him… smiling. Walter on the other hand never smiles and is always wearing that same old grumpy face.

But when Joe, that’s what Sarah Palin calls him by the way, puts on his grumpy face something amazing happens. He looks just like Walter, Jeff Dunham’s popular puppet. I would say identical twins if I didn’t know better.

We may not always know why Joe is wearing his grumpy face but Walter on the other hand is not bashful at all when expressing his feelings. And by the way, my friend GabbyGeezer might want to pay particular attention to Walter’s advice in the video below regarding Lambeau Field. I’m just sayin’….

A perspective on war and death….

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I ran across this video this morning and found it to be quite sobering in its presentation of the lives lost, both military and civilian, specifically with regard to World War II but also inclusive of all wars which have occurred on this earth. With D-Day remembrances perhaps fresh in many minds I thought it most appropriate subject matter….

The Fallen of World War II from Neil Halloran on Vimeo