My life among the trees….

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Dear Diary…

I ask you, “What’s not to love about trees?” Pretty much nothing of course unless you live in the middle of suburbia and are trying to kid yourself that because of a few trees you’re living in the Sherwood Forest or even the Sequoia National Forest! All those neighborhood barking dogs should be enough to put that little fairy tale to rest. And those big and strong old oak trees that surround me are self-sustaining and independent when they are growing in the forest but when we humans set up housekeeping in among those same lovely trees they seem to suddenly become helpless. We are suddenly tasked with spending hour upon hour in the fall cleaning up their leaves. Those falling leaves don’t seem to even exist in the forest, only in our yards…

Leaves 02
Leaves 01

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And while we are on the subject of leaves… in that top photo of the leaves, you see all those leaves across the street in my neighbor’s yard? Well fortunately he is one of my neighbors who does his best to clean up his leaves in a timely manner but leaves are really smart if you didn’t already know that. If he didn’t clean them up, the first wind to come along, a large number of those leaves would hitch a ride and blow across the street into my yard. If there’s anything leaves can’t stand it’s someone’s “in your face” clean, leafless yard” staring right back at them and taunting them.

And all those twigs and small branches that can litter the yard after a thunderstorm, you never see those in the woodlands and forests….

Storm Refuge(Click Photo to Enlarge)

And those winter snow and icing events, well let’s not even go there or I will have to start bitching about my neighbor’s tree that came crashing down three years ago from the weight of a snow event and damaged my fence which I, of course, had to pay for….

Snow Damage(Click Photo to Enlarge)

Then comes all those much larger tree limbs that seem to want to start prodding and poking at the house, seemingly coming from all directions. Many of my tree’s limbs seem to suffer from some sort of exhaustion affliction and want to lay down and rest on the roof of the house. It is at that time when I find out that living in among the trees can get very expensive. I have been living in my home surrounded by a forest of oak trees now for almost 17 years and have spent several thousand dollars over that time period both removing and trimming the trees in my own personal forest.

I just had more limbs attended to only about three weeks ago at a substantial cost which is reflected in the two photos below. I wasn’t very happy about it since it involved working on removing numerous ‘dead’ limbs from trees growing in my neighbor’s yard near our shared property line. They fall on my roof and they fall on my second little car which has to be parked in the open so I have been having to park it away from their trees. Just plain aggravating to live next to people who take no responsibility for their property.

Tree Trimming 02
Tree Trimming 01

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Well ‘Dear Diary’, don’t know about you but I feel much better now we have had this little talk. I so appreciate the fact that you never interrupt or take exception to what I say regarding my little rants, raves and otherwise meaningless observations. Thanks…

Little sisters seem to never get older….

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Dear Diary…

My little sister turned ‘sixty’ this past week and I think I was more in shock over it all than perhaps she was. Obviously whoever was doing the calculations on her newly acquired age really needed to take a remedial course in math. Sixty years old? No way! My little sister will always be my little sister and even today when I look into her face I still see my little sister.

Little Sis 01(Little ‘Sis’)

Little ‘Sis’ is 13 years younger than I am so it’s obvious why she is and always will be my little sister. We are both definitely too old for me to play the “tickle monster” any longer but I doubt either of us will ever be too old to remember the love we’ve shared over the years.

Little Sis 02(Me & Little Sis)

Early Morning Thunderstorm….

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Dear Diary….

I woke this morning at 2:57 AM and found it quite difficult to go back to sleep. Then at 3:20 AM I heard thunder and presumed a thunderstorm must be nearby. So I got up, turned on the computer and checked out the local weather. Sure enough, radar indicated a thunderstorm was about to roll through so I did a screen capture for posterity’s sake and then crawled back into bed.

Weather Radar & Thunderstrom

The nerdy little weather guy on the local news last night said there was a very slight chance for thunderstorms overnight but I pretty much discounted his thoughts on the subject. One look at the weather map this past evening, which was totally devoid of any weather activity whatsoever, and even a novice such as I could see there was absolutely no possibly for any rain… much less thunderstorms.

Well, just for the record the nerdy little weather guy gets no kudos’s from me just ‘cause he got it right for a change. I’m not about to forget all those times he blew it!