Blogging Break….

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I will be taking a break from blogging for a while to pursue other stuff. Hope to see ya’ soon!

Sharing the knowledge of your passion….

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In this life as we individually pursue the knowledge and experience of those things that are born of passion and pleasure within us, if we are fortunate enough to excel in our endeavors it is not uncommon that we often desire to share with our fellowman the fruits of our labor, that they too might soar to the heights and join us up where the air is thin.

But on the matter of sharing our knowledge by the teaching and educating of our fellowman, I recently ran across a sincerely concerned individual that was concerned and puzzled as to why their efforts to share their knowledge sometimes drew criticism, even ridicule from some of those they desired to enlighten. The individual would, on occasion, be lanced with pointed questions as to why they would waste their time pursuing their particular chosen endeavor and dare presume that others might even in the least be interested in their teachings and opinions.

Often there are those of us who find that in our pursuit of those things in our life which seem to be born of passion and help to shed purpose on our lives, there are others who seem to delight in leveling mean-spirited banter and criticisms against the fruits of our labor. That in turn can tear into our passions and purpose with a destructive force. But to those sensitivities I can offer only the wisdom of time and experience by offering the following…..

“A teacher and educator, unlike perhaps an artist or novelist, cannot withdraw themselves from society and live a reclusive life devoid of the intellectual interaction of others while reveling in their pursuit of knowledge and excellence. For as a teacher or educator part of their purpose and passion is to share and teach the knowledge they gather as they harvest from their chosen ‘field’.” ~ AEG

“To exist in this world without drawing criticism or praise is to live your days without passion or purpose. But for one’s passion and purpose to be questioned or criticized by simply a ship passing in the night is nothing more than a rustling of the leaves in the tree of knowledge made by a fool in search of reason for their own existence.” ~ AEG

Tonight’s the night you freeze dried pet fans….

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Well the long wait is over! Tonight on the Animal Planet Channel a new reality show will air and once again Arkansas will reach new heights of notoriety. At 9:00PM CST the premier of American Stuffers will hit the airways and give way to a new craze that will surely sweep across the country like locusts in a grain field. But let me bring you up to date if you are sitting there quite puzzled over my intense excitement.

American Stuffers

It was just about a year ago that I shared on an old blog the latest goings-on here in Arkansas. And even though we tout the state nickname of “The Natural State”, from time to time it seems that something of perhaps an ’unnatural’ nature rises to the surface. We found that to be somewhat true when in January of last year, 2011 a local television news story informed we Arkansans that in one of our famed small towns, Romance, Arkansas whose previous fame was based on their postmark for ‘valentines’ mailed out from their post office on Valentine’s Day, has now extended its fame in yet another direction. Are you ready? Freeze dried pets! Yep, you read that right. Let’s review and watch that initial newscast from last January aired by one of our local television stations one more time….

Need further convincing? Well, just click on this link, Xtreme Taxidermy, and go check out their website and all the associated fixings’.

Now you are as up to date as the rest of us and tonight’s the night when that first show hits the airways. Oh, and one more heads up! All you Republican Romney backers better be watching tonight also because it’s my understanding that this family is Mormon so you know for sure that Candidate Romney will be glued to his television set. I’m fairly sure that’s why there were no Republican debates scheduled for this evening.

Anyway, I just thought it my duty as an Arkansan to do my part in spreading the news about tonight’s airing of “American Stuffers” as yet another fellow Arkansan reaches the “big time”!

Update – January 6, 2012 – Friday – 5:45 am

Hope you didn’t miss the program – wish I had! Pure Arkansas, that’s about all I have to say. When the scruffy looking guy on the Harley sped off with tears in his eyes and his freeze-dried pet strapped to the luggage rack I struggled to keep my own tears back. But the real clincher came when the little girl came in with her dad to pick up the cleaned and painted head-bone of a hog she had apparently killed while hunting with her father. When she and her father left the taxidermist shop she had the head-bone cuddled in her little arms, treating it as if it were a favorite teddy bear. It was then that I knew I had found a replacement for American Idol and Dancing With the Stars.

Comment’s Section is currently closed for maintenance….

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I will be doing some work (tinkering around actually) on my blog to include my WordPress ‘theme’ so the “Comment’s Section” of my journal/blog may be closed for a period of time. Previous comments will also not show but have not been deleted. They will reappear whenever I return the comment’s section back on-line…. barring any unfortunate accidents on my part of course. 😕

Cheetah – In Remembrance….

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Perhaps the four most famous movie animal stars from my generation were Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Trigger and of course Cheetah. Much of their stardom was gleaned from the fact that they all had numerous recurring roles in movies and television shows for numerous decades. But surely we of that generation had long since assumed the original animals that filled these roles had long since left this earth. So I don’t mind telling you that this past week on December 28th when I heard on the national news that Cheetah, the long-standing sidekick of Tarzan, had passed away I was quite taken back initially.

It wasn’t the fact that Cheetah had just died – no, it was the fact that I had apparently “assumed” that he had died at some point in the very distant past. Then to hear that he had lived for some eighty years, well that was even more shocking. That meant to me that the little feller had been born some ten years before me which was in 1941. I had no idea that a chimpanzee lived that long!

As I delved a little deeper into this breaking story I was to find that perhaps all was not as it seemed because there was much skepticism as to whether this chimpanzee who had just died was in fact the famed Cheetah that we had all come to adore and love.

CHeetah 04

The New York Times story on Cheetah’s death pointed out that most chimpanzees in captivity seldom live past 35-45 years old. It was a very informative article and if you harbor the slightest curiosity in regard to this reported death of Cheetah, I highly recommend you reading the article – “Chimpanzee Said to Be Cheetah in Tarzan Films Has Died”. And it’s also interesting to see what “Wikipedia – Cheeta” has to offer on the history of the famous chimp.

But the reported death at the very least does give way for a moment to remember for some of us a beloved member of those many Tarzan movies we watched growing up and may even still sneak a peek at from time to time when those old movies surface on our televisions.

Regardless of any of this, may you rest in peace little Cheetah.