Month: November 2010

Let’s try this again….

I have once again decided that I would really prefer supporting an on-line journal as compared to the typical personal blog, one of which I have had now for a number of years. In fact, I believe I have had some four different blogs over those years. Let’s see, there’s been….

Retirement Is A Bitch… Then You Die

Some Final Thoughts

The Cyberspace Dawdler

Writing To Myself

Journaling and blogging are two completely different publishing vehicles in my opinion. And there are a number of reasons I personally prefer a journal over a blog but I won’t go into all of that at this time. For me there is something quite liberating about a journal as compared to a blog. And I believe the key thing that drives that difference is the “comment” section. Typically your blogs solicit comments to the blog owner’s individual posts while an on-line journal or diary does not normally solicit comments. In the case of my new journal, it is my intent to have a mixture of both – as applicable to the journal entry.

Strangely enough as it turns out, even though blogging had its founding roots in on-line journals and on-line diaries, the blogging community, at least in part, now seems to have some measure of disdain for those same journals and diaries because they don’t allow for comments. It seems these particular bloggers have have bestowed upon themselves some manner of self-endowment believing they have some self-inalienable right now to comment on anything and everything. And that mindset certainly has its roots founded in the Internet social revolution revolving around blogging to include MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, the major participants in that revolution.

But back to the subject at hand, my on-line journal’s reactivation. It has been seemingly somewhat difficult for me to get this journal out the front door and running again but I have got to start somewhere so let it be here and now.

In closing, even though this entry was primarily created for my journal, I am posting it on my blog as a form of notification as to my intentions which will certainly have ramifications on my blog, The Cyberspace Dawdler. I have no intentions on deleting my blog, at least in the near future, but it will pretty much go into a dormant state. I truly appreciate all of you who have supported The Cyberspace Dawdler with your visits and comments over the past year or so.

If you have time to drop by my new journal from time to time, Writing To Myself, please know you are always welcome.