The Last Campaign of Governor Booth Gardner….

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As many of you know, Washington State has adopted a “Death with Dignity” law which was approved by voters in 2008 by a 58%-42% margin. Washington’s sister state of Oregon passed a similar law back in 1994 by a 51%-49% margin. A repeal of the Oregon law was put forth in 1997 and rejected by voters to the tune of 60%. Now it goes without saying that we all surely have opinions on this matter but it is much more acute to our senses as we age. As I approach 70 years old I cannot deny that given the opportunity here in my state, I would certainly vote for such a law. I would personally take a lot of personal comfort knowing I had an option if I saw the writing on the wall for a dismal end to my life.

Gov Booth Gardner - 02

Governor Booth Gardner

I recently received an email from a PR company asking me if I would consider showcasing an upcoming documentary scheduled to premier on HBO titled “The Last Campaign of Governor Booth Gardner” on my blog. Although the subject matter which revolves around the “Death with Dignity” law is very much of interest to me, I felt that without actually seeing the documentary, recommending something I hadn’t seen in its entirety would be a bit of stretch for me to be comfortable with that. A few nights later however the documentary premiered on HBO and I did indeed watch it that evening.

In short, the documentary deals with Governor Booth’s personal campaign and efforts to get a “Death with Dignity” law passed in the state of Washington. His efforts to get such a law passed began after he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and was no longer governor. If you have any interest at all in the subject some refer to as ‘doctor assisted suicide’ I recommend you take time to watch the documentary. It is actually quite short, about 40 minutes long as I recall. Regardless of what side of this issue you fall on, it is an interesting story airing the issues of both sides.

Click on the title below to watch an informative preview of the documentary. It may take several seconds to load so be patient….

The Last Campaign of Governor Booth Gardner
(A Video Clip from Just Media on Vimeo.)

With regard to HBO, this documentary was airing on HBO2 and is also currently available anytime on HBO’s “On-Demand” if you happen to subscribe.

Hat’s off to you ‘Energizer Bunny Bloggers”….

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Energizer BunnySo many of you blogging friends and acquaintances just seem to go on and on and on ….. like an Energizer Bunny Blogger! I ran across the picture below and what they say is true, a picture can be worth a thousand words because when it comes to the Energizer Bunny and blogging, it certainly reflects my excitement and exuberance with regard to my own blogging efforts.

I dropped by Joared’s blog this morning, Along The Way, and read where she had celebrated the anniversary of her 4th year of blogging a couple of days ago. I have been blogging myself for about that long having had at least four different blogs to show for it but I won’t ever be receiving any type of award for blogging endurance.

I dropped by here this morning and noted it had been over 6-months since my last blog entry. Thought it would be a good exercise to see if I could remember how to post a blog entry and as you can see, I figured it out. But I do have to give WordPress credit, they do make it easy.

It is worth noting however, that three other of my favorite bloggers also went into the blogging “cease & desist” mode this past spring. I’m wondering now if it had something to do with the alignment of the planets.

Well, I guess that’s it for the moment. Based on my new blogging schedule, guess my next blog entry will be around April of next year huh?