She’s dead! No she’s not! Yes she is! No she’s not!

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I ask you…. What’s not to love about Arkansas?

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Last I wrote about strange goings-on here in my state it was about a man who left instructions that his little Yorkshire terrier should be euthanized and buried with him should he die. And now this….

Yesterday a 57 year old woman was found at her home in Little Rock lying listless in her backyard dressed only in her underwear. At 6:30 am paramedics were called arriving shortly thereafter and determined the woman to have no vital signs. Presuming the woman dead, they then called Little Rock detectives to the scene.

While investigating one of the detectives commented that it appeared to him she may still be alive. Then yet another paramedic crew arrived but again stated that there were no vital signs indicating the woman to be alive. After performing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation the paramedics then called a local emergency room for a doctor to come to the scene for death pronunciation. The doctor arrived at the scene and pronounced the woman dead at 9:29 am.

The Coroner and Deputy Coroner then arrived at 9:55 am but during their examination they noted that the woman seem to exhibit several signs of life although she was not breathing. The Deputy Coroner then lifted the woman’s chin in an effort to clear her airway and the woman immediately took a breath. They immediately notified the local hospital of her impending arrival.

It should be noted that during the three and a-half hours she lay there on the ground in only her underwear presumed dead, the temperature was in the forties and she was covered only with a sheet.

As of Friday evening the woman was alive and in the critical care unit of the hospital. Two of the three paramedic crews attending at the scene are on suspension. Family members noted that the woman had an extensive medical history, suggesting that it may have been a medication problem, but detectives noted that no one knows the cause of the woman not breathing.

About all I can say in closing is that this certainly does not give one a warm and fuzzy feeling, especially at my age. Perhaps I will reconsider having a shovel put in my casket when I die. Or should I say….when someone declares me dead!

And the winner is….

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In my last post I asked what James Stewart, Tom Hanks, Van Johnson, Judy Garland, Margaret Sullavan, and Meg Ryan all had in common. I appreciate everyone’s restraint from consulting Mr. Google and spilling the beans. But now to the answer….

These popular actors all had starring roles in the original release of a particular movie or one of the two remakes using the same basic overall plot.

James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan had the leads in the original release of the movie, The Shop Around the Corner (1940).

The Shop Around The Corner(Released 1940)

Van Johnson and Judy Garland had the leads in the first remake of the movie titled, In the Good Old Summertime (1949).

In The Good Old Summertime(Released 1949)

And lastly, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan starred in the latest remake titled, You’ve Got Mail (1998).

You’ve Got Mail(Released 1998)

From my perspective, unlike many movies that are remade with some resemblance to an original release, I find each of these movies seem to stand alone in their own right. Even though they share the same plot, they are each entertaining in their own special way. But it is always most difficult to not be partial to the original.

As you know, usually when a movie is a remake of an original, in most cases the original always seems to be the most liked when it’s all said and done. Not always, but usually. “The Shop Around the Corner” is the only movie where I have purchased all three version releases.

It does make me wonder however if one’s favorite version of a movie or its remakes has something to do with which version of the movie you see first?

Two favorite movies of mine that jump to mind that have originals that are untouchable with regard to remakes for me are “King Kong” and “The Secret Garden”.

The first time I ever really sat down and watched “Pride and Prejudice” was when the remake release of 2005 came out. The notable film versions of this movie found their way to the screen in 1940, then again in 2003 and 2005. The BBC released two versions made for television in 1980 and 1995. I have watched a couple of the other versions but for me, the 2005 version is still my favorite but it is probably the least favorite of most other folks which leads me to my original question again.

Does one’s favorite version of a movie have something to do with which they see “first”?

What’cha think?

And speaking of originals….

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Here’s a quick question for you all….

What do James Stewart, Tom Hanks, Van Johnson, Meg Ryan, Margaret Sullavan and Judy Garland all have in common, other than the fact they were all movie stars of course?

The greatest movie line ever….?

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Well, it struck me this morning with the Academy Awards coming up this Sunday evening it might be more than appropriate to post one of my favorite “movie clips”.

I suppose it might be debatable as to whether the clip below contains the greatest movie line ever but it certainly seems to me it should be in the list of nominees, especially now, given the politics surrounding the health care debate, the economy and two wars.

(The Ghost Breakers – 1940)

Certainly one’s political persuasion may certainly have an impact on their rating of this clip but nevertheless, let’s not deny the sheer humor of Bob Hope’s delivery of a sometimes more often than not unfortunate political truth!

Oh tell me it’s not so….

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Being from Arkansas one eventually becomes desensitized to the associated stereotyping often linked to those residing in this grand old State. Well, at least with reference to myself that is it certainly true. And if you are from Arkansas, you are almost always deemed a hillbilly, even if you’re not married to your sister or living in a run-down house trailer.

You would think over time this would change but it seems that in my lifetime it will never happen. We just keep shooting ourselves in the foot again, and again, and again. Case and point…..

Several years ago Arkansas received much ill-deserved (well, perhaps not ill-deserved) national publicity when then Governor Huckabee and his wife moved into what was referred to as a double-wide trailer during his tenure as our governor. You can read about that “here”.

Then, to add insult to injury our most famous President of recent years, Bill Clinton, refused to break that mold and erected his famed Presidential Library resembling that most familiar iconic structure – the house trailer yet once again.

Clinton Presidential Library(Clinton Presidential Library)

And now just when you think things might turn around……I pick up the newspaper this morning only to find yet another Arkansan who has found a way to extend our misunderstood heritage even further into the future. No, it’s not about sisters or cousins or even house trailer issues again, this time it is all about a dog. Right there on the front page this morning was an attention-getting headline that read as follows….

“Dead Man’s Dog Killed To Go With Him To Grave”

Oh tell me it’s not so but…..turns out an Arkansan who recently passed away was buried with his pet dog per his wishes. Only problem was the dog had to be euthanized to fulfill the man’s wishes. The dog, a healthy two-year old Yorkshire Terrier, was indeed euthanized and buried with his dead master.

Due to copyright issues I cannot post the article and there are no links available at this time so I’ll just paraphrase some of the article on the incident below . If a link becomes available in the near future I will amend it to this post.


The deceased’s sister said that the family was only fulfilling her brother’s desire to be buried with his pet, Tom Tom, which was a Yorkie. She said her brother had told her that if he should die, he wanted his dog to go with him because nobody would love him like he did.

It was noted in the article that it was rare for a pet to be euthanized for the sole purpose of burial with its owner. This statement attributed to the funeral home employees, veterinarians and the Humane Society of America alike.

A veterinarian consultant to the Humane Society noted that there was nothing illegal about euthanizing a completely healthy pet for any reason. Veterinarians refer to the practice as “convenience euthanasia”.

The local veterinarian chosen for the euthanasia noted that he had pleaded with the family to consider otherwise but in the end complied to their wishes fearing the pet might be killed in some less humane way.

A representative from Roller Funeral Homes which has more than two dozen locations statewide said that he has never heard of a family burying a pet alongside a human, much less euthanizing the pet to accomplish such.


In closing, I suppose if he was being buried with some old scraggly hound dog, perhaps I might could muster up some sense of compassion and understanding for his request since he was a hillbilly Arkansan. But a Yorkie? I ask you….when was the last time you saw one of those old hillbilly shacks with a little ole Yorkie sitting on the front porch?

Yorkie(Yorkie – Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Well I will leave it with each of you to come to your own conclusions with regard to this matter. I personally will either have to move to another State or just suffer the consequences and verbal abuse I suppose.

Oh, and if this being buried with animals thing catches on here, I suppose this will open the door for some of my other fellow hillbilly Arkansans. When they die there are some who will surely want to euthanize their favorite mistress to be interred with them, which as you all know is normally a sheep in this part of the country.

WildEarth TV…. Check it out!

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Needless to say, not much going on here. Obviously I have not posted in a while. Thought I would share a new link I ran across not long ago for any of you who enjoy nature and watching wildlife.

The subject site, WildEarth TV, has a number of live, real time remote camera set-ups for monitoring several types of wildlife in various locations around the world. They have live cameras that monitor eagles, hawks, bears, deer and turkey, even fish.

There is a camera set up on a Black Bear den with a momma bear named Lily who has a new cub. Also cameras at a location in South Africa where they have daily safaris they go on viewing wildlife including a guide – all live. They drive through the bush viewing the wildlife they encounter whether elephants, leopards, whatever.

Here is the link to the site….

WildEarth TV

Just click on one of the picture icons to view that particular cameras subject. 🙂