Month: February 2010

Weather Forecasters…. Where’s the respect!

Weather ForecasterToday it snowed here in my hometown. Many of the local weather forecasters were predicting anywhere from a trace to perhaps as much as an inch or so of snow and/or possible sleet. When it was over we had accumulated some 8 inches or more of snow. Given that, a number of our local citizens seemed to hold some measure of hostility toward the local weather forecasters. After pondering this apparent irritability display by these individuals I have postulated the following theory….

Words that apparently many individuals have little to no knowledge as to their meaning are:


These words are most often understood by these individuals as actually meaning:


Such is the case when it comes to weather forecasting which is the most common occurrence and circumstance where these words are most often used. Then, to seemingly add insult to injury, these same individuals humiliate their intelligence to a greater degree by complaining and ridiculing the individual or entity doing the forecasting, categorizing them as an idiots and/or morons. Could this then, in actuality, be a truly factual case of the pot calling the kettle black?\r\nMy forecast is that more than likely the answer to that question has a high probability of being “yes”!

Actually, to resolve this issue I wonder if a bill shouldn’t be introduced in Congress rescinding the title “Weather Forecaster” and giving those individuals the new title of “Weather Guesser”. I think that folks would be much more lenient on errors if they understood up front that the “weather forecast guess” was indeed a “guess”. In addition, most of the individuals doing weather guessing do go to school to learn all about weather so I think we could at least be comforted that we are getting ”educated guesses”! 🙂