Life goes on….

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Not much going on in my little world as of late worth sharing I suppose. Been spending time of late creating some CD labels for some of my music CD’s and working on creating a new greeting card or two. Has been too cold to contemplate much else.

I suppose it is worth mentioning since I have posted before about my cereal problems in the past, Puffed Wheat in particular, that Kroger has now, for whatever reason, restored Kroger brand Puffed Wheat to its rightful place on their shelves once more.

Kroger Puffed Wheat

I certainly would like to take some credit for that action but alas, cannot do so with any sense of fact. I will assume it was a joint victory attributed to all the Puffed Wheat lovers in this world!

The last couple of days I have been down a bit in my lower back and so for most of yesterday I confined myself to the couch and a heating pad. And I have to say that I, by chance, watched one of the most entertaining movies that I have watched in some time. The title of the movie was “The Banger Sisters” starring Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon. Absolutely hilarious and therapeutic to say the least. And without Geoffrey Rush’s character, well it just wouldn’t have been the same!

The Banger Sisters - Movie Poster

In short Goldie and Susan were best pals when they were young and were major groupies when it came to rock bands, even having left their mark on the likes of Jim Morrison. The plot basically centers round them reuniting some twenty years later, one of them still a “free spirit” and the other a lawyer’s wife of some sophistication with two daughters.

I have always been a huge fan of Goldie Hawn and she was 100% Goldie in this movie. I had quite honestly never heard of it, apparently released in 2002, but it has easily gotten Five Stars from me.

Help Wanted!

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I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a prolific antiques collector but I do have three or four items that belonged to my grandparents. That fact coupled with my age does insure at least one thing and that is that they are old. Old perhaps, but not necessarily of value, other than sentimental of course.

One of the items I have in my small collection is a 16” platter which appears to be hand-painted and signed. The fact that it is signed and has several identifying “maker’s marks” on the underside leads me to wonder if it actually is of some value as an antique.

Antique Plate 1(Click on photo to enlarge)

I have tried to decipher the signature and ‘Google’ my determinations but have found no information whatsoever so far. Here is a close-up of the signature…..

Antique Plate 2(Click on photo to enlarge)

If any of my visitors are so inclined, please feel free to offer an opinion as to what the name is if you will.

One of my interpretations has been Ren-o-iori Marin or Mariu. The two (2) similar but strange marks appearing in the first name are quite puzzling to me. I don’t have a clue as to whether they represent letters or some unique mark used by the artist for differentiating his signature from some other artist with a similar name. Again, any suggestions are welcome.

Also, here is a close-up photo of the marks on the bottom of the plate and again, feel free to offer any suggestions or observations.

Antique Plate 3(Click on photo to enlarge)

I don’t see a visit to the Antiques Roadshow anytime in my near future and given my lack of knowledge with respect to antiques, I tend to be leery of dealers. Of course, I suppose that if your not of a mind to sell, it is much less likely to be taken advantage of by a less than honest dealer.

Santa finally arrives and more….

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For those of us who live alone it is often left up to us to fulfill the role of Santa if we decide we are deserving of a gift or two for Christmas. This year I had no list but not long after Christmas I found myself wanting a few things.

I finally decided to treat myself last week so I ordered a re-supply of Puffed Wheat, a new pair of house slippers and some blank CD/DVD labels and plastic cases. I have really splurged this year I suppose. Yesterday I received both my cereal supply and my new warm and snuggly house slippers.

Puffed Wheat 4(Quaker On-Line Store resupply of Puffed Wheat – Click to enlarge)

Actually, with regard to the slippers, when I was at my sister’s house on Christmas she had gotten her husband a new pair of house slippers in a moccasin style somewhat similar to my very, very old ones from the L.L. Bean company. I liked them so much I checked out their selection on-line and found a pair I really liked. Walla….my new slippers and they are snuggly!

House Shoes(New House Slippers from L.L.Bean – Click to enlarge)

I have also been spending some time redoing how I am going to keep my personal records. Time to try to streamline my record keeping a bit and try to make some sense of it in case I reach a point where someone else needs to make heads or tails of my finances and obligations and help me out due to my inability to do it myself at perhaps some point.

I use to create and label a number of large envelopes to file various records in over the past twelve years or so. I have now decided to try to incorporate my record keeping into booklets that will be much easier to locate needed information rather than digging helter-skelter through envelopes that quite honestly, take up much more space than the booklet approach.

Besides, I enjoy working on these type things and getting a little creative in the process. Seems like when you start receiving your social security and signing up for Medicare to include MediPak and Part-D your records intake increases ten-fold!

Below are a few of the booklets I will be using this year for filing my records. If it gets too cumbersome, then I will have to make adjustments next year again I suppose.

Booklet 1(New Record Keeping Booklets – Click to enlarge)

Booklet 2(New Record Keeping Booklets – Click to enlarge)

Booklet 3(New Record Keeping Booklets – Click to enlarge)

I guess that pretty much accounts for my whereabouts lately. At least it did provide some measure of blogging fodder if nothing else. I’ve got to take off my new snuggly house slippers now and run a few errands but I must say to Santa, “Thanks big guy!” 🙂