Boys will be girls….

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Kiss BandWell, the hard rock band, “KISS”, is in town this weekend for a concert so I thought it might be an appropriate time for this post, although it has little to do with that group at all. I have always been as admirer of singers and bands who have had, along with their music, a tremendous stage presence. I have always believed that had much to do with a singer’s or band’s continued success over time. Although I am not that big a fan of the music of “Kiss”, they definitely bring a tremendous stage presence to their performances.

But the band of particular interest to this post is “AEROSMITH”. In the case of this band, I do tend to like a number of their songs whereas with Kiss, not so much. And Aerosmith is another of the hard rock groups which commands a strong stage presence when performing.

Aerosmith - 005

One of the songs Aerosmith released that really did not catch my attention to any degree initially was the song “Dude Look Like A Lady”. But then, along came the movie starring Robin Williams titled “Mrs. Doubtfire” and that Aerosmith song was featured in the movie and became an instant hit with me. I’ve loved it ever since.

I always thought that I would like to do something with that song just for my own self-entertainment, inspired solely by the movie. As I became more and more interested in available home computer video software, one thing eventually led to another. Since the dawn of the digital camera age and production of the newer cameras which take both photos and videos, I began to get a little more interested in videos. Although I don’t take a lot of videos, from time to time I do take a few, some of which I have posted here on my blog in the past.

But a couple of months ago I decided one day to see if I could put together a “music video” of what had become one of my favorite rock songs which I thought might be somewhat humorous, given the title and subject matter of the song. The song was of course “Dude Looks Like A Lady”.

It was a learning experience to say the least, but an enjoyable one I must confess. And the experience will go a long way in making the next one a little easier hopefully. So the video posted below is the fruit of that labor. I even decided to include my idol Clara Pellar in the video who was featured in a past blog post, although I should add the photo at the very end of the video is not Clara….

Haven’t found a potential victim for my next video yet but I’m always on the prowl.

Attention Walmart Shoppers….

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Attention Walmart Shoppers
See Today’s Special On Aisle 13

Walmart Casket 2Walmart Caskets Available On-Line (Click to enlarge)

Well, are you sitting down? I was completely shocked three days ago when I ran across information that led me to believe that Walmart was selling ‘caskets’. Yep….you heard me right! CASKETS!

I immediately proceeded to the Walmart website, typed in “caskets” in the sites ’search’ window block and walla, there they were! All fourteen of them. And not only that but they also sell cremation urns for both pets and people, not to mention a few necklaces for keeping sample remains of your loved one to boot. Below is a typical sampling….

Walmart Casket 1(Click on image to enlarge)

Now do you believe me? Still don’t huh? Okay, then go to the Walmart website by clicking “here“, locate the ’search’ window near the top of the website page, type in either ‘casket’ or ‘funeral’ and see what comes up. Then you’ll have to believe me unless you think I have put a ‘Walmart Casket Virus’ into your computer somehow!

Walmart Pet UrnsPet Urn – Adult Urn (Click to enlarge)

At first I thought maybe this was all a hoax. You know, someone in Walmart upper management taking this Halloween thing just a little too serious but I’m slowly but surely beginning to think otherwise. I couldn’t resist doing a search for tombstones but all I got with that search for returns was movie titles. But I no longer put it out of the realm of possibility!

In closing I have to say in all seriousness…. “Did you see the prices on those caskets? Those are some seriously good prices if you’ve ever done any serious planning for one’s final internment, including the prices on those cremation urns!”

Although I have visited a couple of funeral homes in the past year or so getting some ideas on funeral costs, I have yet to commit to anything. I just may go ahead and order one of those Walmart caskets and just use it as an extra guest bed in my spare bedroom until I need it! 😕

Where’s my Puffed Wheat?

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Puffed Wheat 1I live about six blocks or so from my neighborhood Kroger store so it is only logical that I do most of my grocery shopping at that location. For some reason only known to Kroger’s upper management I suppose, they stopped stocking my favorite breakfast cereal, ‘puffed wheat’, a couple of months ago. They continued to stock puffed rice which is sort of a sister to puffed wheat, but no puffed wheat.

It should go without saying what a crisis this presented. Who doesn’t have their favorite cereal? When I asked my local store’s management as to why this had occurred, they were pretty much clueless. That struck me as somewhat odd but nevertheless, that seemed to be the way it was.

I then proceeded to visit a couple of other Kroger stores and it was the same story – they had removed it from their shelves. I then began looking for other stores that might stock my cereal and came to the stark realization that there aren’t near the number of grocery stores there used to be. In fact, within twenty miles of my home there was only Kroger, Walmart and a Knight’s Food Store. None of which carried Puffed Wheat, name brand or otherwise. They all still had the ‘sugar/honey coated’ versions of the cereal but no one had the original or a facsimile. There did not seem to be any of my beloved puffed wheat in the entire town….or surrounding suburbs!

I guess this is the kind of crap you have to deal with if you live too long!

I eventually went on-line and sent Kroger’s customer service a complaint expressing my bewilderment and disappointment over their decision to discontinue the product. I’m sure after receiving that complaint they will respond expeditiously by having puffed wheat back on their shelves immediately!

So, how much would you pay for your favorite cereal? Well, I ultimately resolved my crisis to a degree by going to the Quaker Oats company’s on-line store and purchasing several boxes of puffed wheat and having them shipped to my home. After shipping costs, that averaged out to be right at $6.76 a box. That’s probably just about double but I’ll say one thing, it was fresh!

As sometimes happens in these exercises we are sometimes forced to go through and endure, I did find out an interesting fact or two. Quite coincidentally, 2009 is the 100th anniversary of the introduction of puffed wheat as a breakfast cereal. It was April 25th of 1909 to be exact. Now who would discontinue stocking a cereal with that kind of heritage? Well who else – KROGER!

Check out these ads….

Puffed Wheat & Shirley Temple(Click on image to enlarge)

Puffed Wheat 2(Click on image to enlarge)

Then there were all those Saturday morning radio programs that were supported by Quaker Puffed Wheat to include Dick Tracy, Little Orphan Annie, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and Sgt. Preston and his dog King who tamed the Yukon, most of which ultimately ended up on television. And of course with the advent of television, we got those classic commercials….

And now after all that history regarding the greatest cereal of all time, stores have opted to not stock it? The only cereal “Shot From Guns”? It’s not just a breakfast cereal – it’s part of our heritage!

Obviously few others, if any, will be concerned with my trials and tribulations regarding my beloved puffed wheat ordeal but nevertheless, it always feels better when you release your frustrations out into Cyberspace. For those of you however who are on the edge of your seats, I will certainly add a postscript to this post if and when Kroger ever responds to my complaint! I’m sure no one would want to miss that.

In Remembrance – Soupy Sales

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Soupy Sales 1(Soupy Sales aka Milton Supman)

As a kid I was never really big on watching kid’s programs such as Howdy Doody which was the really big kid’s show for my generation. But then when I was in high school along comes this crazy, slapstick sort of guy whose show just seemed to make my day on a regular basis.

And I was a huge ‘White Fang’ fan to boot and loved the way he and Soupy interacted on the show. Of course White Fang talked by just making grunts and growls in a simulated conversational manner while Soupy handled the interpretations.

Soupy Sales 2(White Fang & Soupy)

Thanks Milton Supman (Soupy’s real name) for your light-hearted spirit and the many light-hearted moments you gave me and many others over the years. May you forever rest in peace.

How naïve were you way back then?

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I ran across an older post on “SuzzWords” blog recently that brought back a couple of memories growing up as a very naive kid back in the 1950’s. Her post was basically with regard to those “bad words” we would sometimes incur along with other things of a sexual nature back in those days.

Given the way society treats most things of that nature these days, those things of shame in the fifties rise to the level of ‘humor’ today. My two most vivid learning experiences which pushed me part way across that threshold of naiveness were with regard to “the finger” and “condoms”. Neither of which I had a clue about, even after having reached the ninth grade in 1955.

Finger 1Let’s start with the infamous ‘finger’. From time to time I would see someone at school give the dreaded ‘finger’ to someone else. Sometimes following the jester would be laughter, sometimes the appearance of anger. This sent very confusing signals to me, someone who had not a clue as to what this apparent secret sign meant. I knew it must be bad because before someone gave ‘the finger’ to someone else, they would normally check to see if a figure of authority was any where around.

Then one day while in the boy’s restroom a good friend of mine and myself were approaching the urinals for a moment of relief. He had just given ‘the finger’ to one of our other friends in the hallway. My friend grinned and I immediately thought to myself that this is it, I had to know what this secret code was! As we were standing there relieving ourselves the ensuing conversation went something like this…..

Me: “Why do you keep doing that finger thing? You don’t even know what it means!”

Friend: “I do too!”

Me: “No you don’t!”

Friend: “I DO TOO!”

Me: “Okay…..prove it. What does it mean?”

Friend: “It means, F*** You!”

Me: “That’s right! I really didn’t think you knew.”

My friend looked a bit disturbed at my interrogation techniques so I immediately followed up with an apology that I had doubted his worldly knowledge. What was important is that I pulled the old “Tom Sawyer” on him and had gotten my own naiveness addressed.

As often happens in these situations however, I now had yet another problem. What does that ‘F’ word mean? I had heard it maybe a couple of times from some of the more shady characters at our school and I knew it was bad but up until then, never had a particular interest in its meaning. I eventually put two and two together however and finally figured it all out – sort of I think.

And here I am some fifty years older and I’m still not sure I understand why that gesture has been chosen as a universal sign of displeasure. Well, at least one embraced by us Americans. It always seemed more logical to me, given the circumstances in which one person flips another person off, that if someone is aggravated or upset with the another someone that a more appropriate meaning for ‘the finger’ would be something like “Go To Hell!”

Contrary to that, it seems to me that the “F*** you!” connotation applied to the sign seems to imply that when you get mad at someone and flip them off, you are hoping they have some sort of sexual encounter. And that could be a good thing, right? Oh well, that’s why someone else is writing all these rules and not me. You know, I wonder if Congress had something to do with this?

The other particular item which I had to deal with in those days was with regard to ‘condoms’ of which I was also clueless. The knowledge of the dreaded ‘condom’ was all revealed to me as I and another friend trudged along a path winding through a vacant lot in our neighborhood.

Condums 1As we were walking along I happen to look down and saw this peculiar looking white object on the ground, somewhat resembling a deflated balloon. I immediately stopped and claimed my prize, then excitingly turning around and daggling my new found treasure in the face of my friend. He lets out this loud, “Ewwwwwww!” I stared back at him wondering why he had this half-crazy look on his face. He immediately tells me to throw it down but I’m too clever to fall for that old trick. Yea, throw it down and then he’ll get it!

Again he yells for me to throw it down with this really hideous look on his face. I ask him why and he exclaims, “It’s a rubber!” Now I haven’t a clue what he just said so I respond, “It’s a balloon!” Then he proceeds to tell me what it is and for what it is used. Then I let out a big, “Ewwwwwww!” and drop it like a hot potato. I finally closed out my education on that item by getting clarification on the term “rubber”. I had heard the term “prophylactic” before but not “rubber”. Either way, I still did not have a clue as to what they were until that incident.

In closing I must add that there are occasions on some nights when I still pray and give thanks that I wasn’t trudging along that path that day alone and then came upon that thing. I would have probably blown it up like a balloon and tied onto the back of my bicycle seat.

Sugar in the morning…. Sugar in the evening!

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Sugar Formula

“Play Me” to get a flavor of this post…..

I am sure we all have a little quirk or two when it comes to food along with our likes and dislikes. Sometimes they can be a little humorous such as those of us who refuse to eat anything on our plates that has come in contact with anything else on our plate, apparently fearing such a transgression will lead to instant death. I have always been a proponent of ‘segregation’ when it comes to the food on my plate!

But that is of no consequence whatsoever when it comes to my likes and dislikes of a particular type of food, or drink for that matter. And to be specific with regard to myself, that includes any food or drink which contains “sugar”, probably the single most popular carbohydrate on this planet. And that dislike translates even further to include anything with any type of sweet taste.

Granted “sugar” in itself is not a “food” (well it is for some folks), but it is contained in the makeup of gazillions of food dishes and drinks. So, having cleared that up, let us get away from the technical crap and proceed with my dissertation on the dreaded ills of the stuff!

I cannot stand the taste of sugar! It is the most disgusting, distasteful stuff every put on this earth. A few grains of sugar on my tongue will cause me to spit like I have got a mouth full of fire ants. Now granted, I don’t really know what it’s like to have a mouthful of fire ants but I have a gut feeling it’s a lot like having a few granules of sugar in your mouth. And if I am unfortunate enough to get some sugar in my mouth, the taste will hang around in my mouth literally for hours. No matter what I eat or drink, I cannot dissolve the taste.

Why do I not like sugar? Same reason some of you don’t like spinach or liver I suppose. It tastes awful. Many family members have surmised as to the cause of my misfortune. My mother worked fulltime when I was an infant and granny kept me. Mother always assumed it must have been because granny didn’t make me eat anything sweet. Poor granny….she gets blamed for everything. Well, for whatever the reason, it took and I have been a sugar-free for some 60 plus years now.

Let’s briefly put it into perspective for all you sugar lovers. I have never, ever drank a soda pop in my life. I have taken a taste of two or three, but that’s it. I have never eaten a piece of cake or pie in my entire life. Milk is a favorite drink but I hate ice cream! Very few types of bread do I like because I can taste the sugar in most of them. If my taste buds get even the slightest hint of sugar or sweetness in anything, it’s over.

Over the years of course many who have found out about my intense dislike for sugar have commented they wish they had been cursed in a similar manner. Yea…right, and I’ve got some land in Florida you might be interested in. But for me, in all seriousness, it has been a bit of a curse. Nobody should be doomed to a life without sugar but I have been.

Early on in my life I became more and more self-conscious about the fact. If I went over to someone’s house to eat, when I refused the pineapple salad or the pecan pie I got looks which made me feel quite uncomfortable. As I grew older I found I was putting myself in embarrassing situations when going to someone’s house for a meal. In the end I am afraid I began giving untrue excuses for not being able to go to a dinner for fear of embarrassing myself and hurting the host’s feelings. As you well know, when someone invites folks over for dinner they usually work hard to please their company including the making of luscious deserts. And saying thanks, but no thanks just wasn’t socially acceptable in reality. Besides, whose going to believe such a ridiculous excuse?

I suppose there have been pluses to this affliction. I was well into my mid-thirties before having my first cavity but nevertheless, had to deal with gum disease when I was younger. So no matter, you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t!

Sometimes when I am at a restaurant and they have a real seductive dessert display, they look so good and from time to time I find myself wanting so bad to eat one, but that first bite would bring instant repulsion.

Next time any of you sugar lovers are eating your sweets and you back away in fear of over indulging, go ahead and have one more piece, one more bite, one more sip and dedicate it to me. That’s as good an excuse as any!

Lists, who needs ‘em….

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List 01lAre you a “list person”? For whatever genetic reason, there seem to be a number of us who love lists. We just have to have a list. We have to be making a list or if we aren’t making a list, we are certainly thinking about making a list. I’m certainly not convinced it always has anything to do with memory….or lack of memory to be more exact. I have a sister who is a prolific list maker, more so than me. If you walk by her kitchen bar you would think she is having a yard sale on Post-It notes. If Oprah had a show on list makers, surely she would be invited to be a guest on the show. But fact is, some of us just love those lists!

Certainly grocery and/or shopping lists do seem to be appropriate and the most common place of all lists and perhaps the most logical lists. Granted it is very difficult to remember all the items you need when preparing for that weekly shopping visit to the supermarket. So whether it’s the market or hardware store, certainly a list has its place in those type ventures. But some of us make lists for everything although I don’t think I have ever made a list when shopping for a new car. Hmmm, I wonder why not? I’ll have to put that on my list of “what to make lists for” list!

With regards to these subject lists, there was a relatively obscure event several months ago in my life that got me to thinking about lists in a much more serious light. That was after I watched the movie, “The Bucket List” starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson for the first time. Admittedly, here was a list I was completely unfamiliar with – ‘the bucket list’ (things you want to do before you die). Aside from really enjoying the movie, I thought afterwards it would be cool to compose my own ‘bucket list’ just to dare myself to think about what things I might want to do before I die.

As it turns out, the composition of such a list was very, very difficult for me, especially given the fact that I was giving it some very, very serious thought. Like any such list, of course you can just reach up into thin air and grab all sorts of items but I found most items I initially added to the bucket list were nothing more than filler for my list. In actuality, I have to date only come up with a total of three things on my personal ‘bucket list’.

Let me site a personal example. One might think the following certainly eligible for one’s bucket list…..

“Go to Paris and spend a lush spring morning at the side-walk café Le Café du Marché near the Eiffel Tower enjoying the sites and the people.”

But for me, as wonderful and marvelous as that might sound, it would not really be missed if I didn’t get to do that before I die. So that item is not a candidate for my list but then here is an item that did make my bucket list…..

“Have dinner some evening at a table for four with Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.”

Now that is something that I would truly love to do before departing this old life. That would be so awesome to sit down with those three guys for a casual meal. Wow……can you imagine?

Needless to say, this ‘bucket list’ dilemma then began to stimulate my thoughts with regard to other common lists that we make all the time regarding things we like such as music, books and movies for example. We all know about the “Favorite’s List” that greet us constantly in one form or another on various social networking sites and even some of the blogging sites like Blogger. What’s your favorite music? What are your favorite books? What are your favorite movies? So forth and so on…..

I’m not sure how much really serious thought we may put into these lists sometimes so I decided to really get down to the nitty-gritty of seriousness and create what I will refer to as “My All-Time Favorites” lists. And given the fact that many of you are around my age and have some sixty or more years of history behind you makes the creation of this list more encompassing.

Now I’m not suggesting some grandeur listing that is supposed to bring humanity back from the depths of destruction. Not a list that one might envision to educate a lost civilization in the arts. I’m simply talking about your most favorite selections for the applicable list that would encompass your lifetime and that could truly be labeled your “all-time” favorites.

I actually spent several weeks compiling my own personal lists and decided to add them to my blog just for the fun of it. I have constructed a section on the menu located on the left side of my blog under my “PAGES” which I titled, The “All-Time Favorites” Lists. I then sub-divided that into the various individual lists.

So….if you are a list person, just out of curiosity you might want to try creating a list or two of your favorite things and see if in the end, the list is perhaps considerably different than you initially envisioned. I know mine certainly were…..

Back to the Sixties…. 1962 to be exact!

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I have in the past, with the exception of the previous post, posted very little in the way of daily posts relating to me and my long-time association with music. The biographical information posted in “The Dawdler’s Music” along with associated chapters found under the “Pages” section on my blog’s left-hand menu present more of an overview. I have decided to at least post a little of that detailed music and personal history from time to time in the coming weeks and months here on the blog, if for no other reason than for biographical scrapbooking purposes. The days have long since come and gone when I nurtured dreams and aspirations with regard to the fame and fortune of a celebrity status. Now, for better or worse, it is simply what it has always been – one’s love for music and the conduit it provides to share one’s soul with others.

I began writing music as a teenager, not long after taking up the accordion and beginning lessons on that instrument. I penned my first song around the age of seventeen or so and that was the beginning of my music writing. I was not a prolific writer since time constraints of life seem to imposition themselves, distracting me from the solace and quiet that I seemed to need for my writing. I eventually recorded the first four songs I had written whose writing had spanned several years.

It was in the mid to late fifties that I began nurturing dreams of becoming a famous recording star. Elvis Presley and Ricky Nelson were little aware of the threat I posed as I stood lurking in the shadows of future stardom. I’m sure most can relate to those type fantasies fed by our youth.

It was in 1958 when I wrote my first song with both words and music and had titled it “I Wonder Why I Wonder”. I guess you could say it was somewhat in the style of those old fifties songs, a mournful teenage ballad. The next year, in 1959, I wrote my second song titled “I Remember the Night”. Of course, like many song writers, the inspirations as to subject matter was to a degree based on personal experiences – especially at that age.

Although I played the accordion and my idols played the guitar, I was determined not to let that hold me back. After I joined the Air Force in 1961 and after completing my basic training and graduating from Air Force tech school in mid-1962, I was transferred to Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base located some 100 miles or so due West of Oklahoma City via the famous Route 66. The air base, however, has long since been closed.

After getting to my new base in Oklahoma I penned a couple more songs, “A Lonely, Lonely Boy”, which was also a ballad and my first upbeat song titled, “Arabian Love”. So my illustrious song writing career spanning some five years had netted four songs and little else.

While stationed there at that air base I often played my accordion along with a couple other guitar pickers who resided there in the barracks. Eventually one thing led to another and one of these fellows started dating a girl who sang and was a member of her high school trio in a nearby town. After meeting her myself at some point, I began wondering if she and the other girls in the trio might consider getting together and singing sometime. I finally asked the girl who my friend was dating if she and the other two girls in their trio might be interested in forming a singing group for the sole purpose of recording some songs I had written. After hearing the songs she and the two other girls agreed to getting together and working out some arrangements.

In the meantime, I began searching the Oklahoma City phone book to see if there was a recording studio somewhere that we could make a demonstration record and that I could afford. After all when you’re making $85 a month in the military, you are likely to be quite limited in your choices! I finally found one and to make a long story short once we got our act together I made an appointment with the studio for a particular Saturday. In addition, the studio furnished musicians who would provide the music for us so I had finally reached the “big-time”. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the cost was to be $90 and they were going to give me three months to pay it off.

Prior to going to Oklahoma City we thought we should have a name for our group and we eventually came up with “The Laurels” (law-rels). A week before our scheduled appointment one of the girls decided she wanted to drop out so instead of me and three girls, it would be me and two girls. But we still thought it would work.

It eventually all came together, that long anticipated Saturday had arrived and the girls and I, or should I say The Laurels, were off to Oklahoma City and to a real, big time, recording session.

All seem to go well at the recording session, given the fact we were all nervous wrecks. We finished recording the four songs late that afternoon although as a matter of historical note I should mention that I actually finished writing the song, Arabian Love, while we were outside in the car waiting for our recording session to start. After doing the recording we immediately headed back home. We had ordered ten records to reflect our endeavors. The records back then, by the way, were much like the old 78 acetates as you will probably be able to note if you listen to any of the audio clips below. Here is an actual photograph of one of the original records (Clip on the image to enlarge).

First Recording Master - 900x900

It was a few weeks later that we received the souvenirs of our outing and were of course elated. When I left there for an overseas assignment I lost contact with the girls but it was a special time for me and I hope for them, it was the same.

But now to the songs which I have posted below but I must warn they are in terrible shape. They sound worse than your mother’s old 78’s but one can get some sense of the music. I still have one of those old records which is where these recordings came from so you can imagine from the scratchy, muffled sounds of the music the shape that old record must be in. I have also included the lyrics to the songs in case some may actually want to know what is being sung!

Full Column Divider - Blue

“I Wonder Why I Wonder” – The Laurels (Written by Alan Ginocchio)

I wonder if she loves me
The way I hope she loves me
I wonder why I wonder
Why must I always wonder, wonder, wonder

I wonder if she dreams of me
The way I pray she dreams of me
I wonder why I wonder
Oh tell me why I must just wonder

I wonder if she’s crying
The way I feel like crying
I wonder why I wonder
Oh darling please don’t make me wonder, wonder, wonder

Full Column Divider - Blue

“I Remember the Night” – The Laurels (Written by Alan Ginocchio)

On the first day we met we both fell in love
And I knew you had been sent from the heavens above
But with tears in my eyes – and pain in my heart
I remember, remember the night your friends tore us apart

I told you how I loved you each hour of the day
And with each breath your name I would say
But your friends were telling you I was untrue
I remember, remember the night they broke your heart into

On that night they told you I found someone new
And I’ll never, never know just why you thought it true
But I hope you’ll remember the tear in my eye
‘Cause I’ll always remember the night our hearts said goodbye

Remember the night…..

Full Column Divider - Blue

“A Lonely, Lonely Boy” – The Laurels (Written by Alan Ginocchio)

A lonely boy can dream of a girl
But without her near it’s a lonely world
For a lonely, lonely boy

He sees her beauty thru the roses in the lane
He sees her tears in the sadness of the rain
But in his heart the hurt still remains
Of a lonely, lonely, lonely boy

The stars give him the sparkle in her eyes
The clouds write I love you across the skies
Yet in the wind you hear the lonesome sighs
Of a lonely, lonely, lonely boy

And this lonely, lonely boy
In this lonely, lonely world
Will someday find a lonely, lonely girl

Moonlight dresses her in satin and lace
The sunlight gives him her warm embrace
In every crowd you can always find the face
Of a lonely, lonely, lonely boy

Full Column Divider - Blue

“Arabian Love” – The Laurels (Written by Alan Ginocchio)

Alone in a desert which nature had fled
I looked to the flame which burned near my head

Oh flame of night who’s so warm and so bright
Bring a love to be with me tonight
The flame then towered and reached for the skies
The thunder roared – lightning blinded my eyes

Then out of the flame came a large white steed
His eyes were flashing – his legs burst with speed
Upon his back rode an Arabian girl
Her beauty could never be seen in this world

So burn, flame burn
Give off your magic light
An Arabian love you gave me tonight

As she came to me her splendor I could feel
Only the flame knew she wasn’t real
Then as she kissed me I lost track of time
Arabian love tonight your mine

Then the night shadows ran from the dawn
Like a thousand angels running from the wrong
Then the thunder roared – the lightning flashed
And her love disappeared into the ashes

So burn, flame burn
Give off your magic light
An Arabian love you gave me tonight

Full Column Divider - Blue

The End


Biographical Scrapbooking….

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Scrapbooking 02“Biographical Scrapbooking” is not a new word but on the other hand, it is far from being an overused word. Disregarding the word ‘biographical’, Scrapbooking as it is referred to these days, is a very popular craft but mostly involves photographs and other types of graphic entities in their creation. Biographical Scrapbooking on the other hand, usually involves more of the written word in association with those photographs and associated graphics. Some may even loosely refer to them as journals in some circles.

I have read over the past few years many a testimony from individual bloggers who contend that their personal blogging is important to them because if offers a way to document the love, pain, joy, and sadness encountered throughout their years and more importantly, allows them to share those feelings and emotions with their friends and family. And indeed, blogging does well to lend itself to that goal, allowing us to surround our personal history with the personal thoughts that framed it.

Of course, there is a major loophole often overlooked within the context of that endeavor. And that is the apparent assumption that somehow or another that the subject blog will continue to exist for all eternity in Cyberspace after one’s passing. That is probably not going to be the case in the long run.

As many of you know Cyberspace is full of bad things that can from time to time create havoc and in some cases, destroy data. The majority of bloggers have free blogs as offered by several of the major blog hosting entities such as Blogger, TypePad and WordPress to name a few. If you don’t post a lot of photos, videos, music and/or graphics on your blog, for the average blogger “our age” the blog host will probably allow us all the server space we need for storing the data in our blogs. But if on the other hand, you do post a lot of those type things on your blog, at some point after two or three years down the road your free blog hosting entity will probably require an additional gratuity to allow you more storage space on their server to store those photos, videos, music and/or graphics. Otherwise you will not be able to post anymore on that particular blog.

I, for example, have WordPress and pay an additional fee of $20 a year for an additional 5 Gig of server space. If I approach the limits that extra fee provides, I can increase it further thereby assuring my blog remains intact in its entirety. Just one catch! If I die and my intent was for my blog to live throughout eternity, there remains no feasible way for me to personally financially secure the continued existence of my blog since I pay on a yearly basis.

That means a family member will have to step in and as we all know, it is in our nature to put things of that nature off until tomorrow; then wake up some morning wanting answers to all those family questions rolling around in our heads from granny and grandpa, only to realize they have been gone for years and the blog along with them.

If there is a point to this rambling, it is simply to say that as we create and engage in our Biographical Scrapbooking which many of us do, we need to seriously consider how we intend to archive all our thoughts and history conveyed from the heart to the pages of our blog, if in fact, that is of importance to one. I personally will, from time to time, copy my blog pages over into a Word document for archiving, but more on that at a later time.

Feel free to join in on this one as I would be interested in hearing thoughts from some of you.

‘The Luna Caterpillar Drop-In….

Posted by Posted in Nature & Wildlife, Photography Posted on 02-10-2009

I had just finished reading Annie’s post on her blog, Mzodell’s Page, about a couple of caterpillars she had just seen and photographed. I then decided it was time to have my last cup of coffee so I got my coffee and went out and took a seat on my backyard patio. I had only been sitting there about five minutes or so when I hear this seemingly loud “thump” close by. My eyes began scouring the patio which was littered here and there with dead leaves that had fallen from my Oak trees. And there crawling on one of them was this “HUGE”, almost flourescent green caterpillar.

Well I have seen a lot of caterpillars but not one quite this large. That was obviously what the “thump” was and apparently the caterpillar had been up in the tree crawling on the leaves when a dead one broke loose with him on it. I immediately thought how coincidental is that, having just read about Annie’s caterpillar encounters on her blog.

Now I hadn’t taken any type of critter photographs in several months but I knew I wanted to try and get one of this monster. So off I scurried to try and round up my equipment and get a place set up for the photos. I didn’t figure the caterpillar would wander too far in the meantime. I use a Nikon D80 for my more serious attempts at photography and after checking the battery charge, it was okay. One of the flashes I intended to use had a dead battery so I had to replace that real quick. When I finally got ready and went back out on the patio to look for my subject, I found him but it took a while. Ole chubby could cover more ground in a short time than I gave him credit for being able to cover.

I did get a few fairly decent shots that I am able to share with you. To see more detail, enlarge them by clicking on them….

0031 - DSC_0006a(Click on image to enlarge)

0031 - DSC_0010a(Click on image to enlarge)

0031 - DSC_0008a(Click on image to enlarge)

Now at the time I really wasn’t sure what kind of caterpillar it was although its color reminded me of the Luna Moth. And given the fact that those moths are so large, I did in fact think it might be a Luna Moth Caterpillar. A little research on Google seem to confirm my speculation. Although I don’t have any photographs of a Luna Moth, below is one courtesy of Wikipedia….

Luna_moth01_800x600(Courtesy of Wikipedia – Click on image to enlarge)

Okay kids, that’s it for today’s ’show-and-tell’. I’m off to another great adventure…..but I am probably just going to get back to vacuuming the carpet which is what I should be doing!