Previously blog featured hawk becomes worst nightmare….

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Yesterday morning was ‘HELL’ around here. The hawk featured in the “After the rain shower” post began an onslaught on my nesting Robin pair’s nest yesterday morning and I was not a happy camper. I had become somewhat attached to the pair and nature taking its course could go the hell somewhere else yesterday as far as I was concerned.

Their babies were about a week old. I just happened to be on my backyard patio drinking coffee when I heard the local bird residents start going berserk. I couldn’t see the hawk but the other birds were buzzing a tree limb just above the bush the Robin’s nest was located. I walked out across the yard toward the area and the hawk flew off. I immediately suspected he had located the nest.

Within the next half hour he came back two more times landing in the bush itself and trying to pinpoint the exact location of the nest. Each time I ran across the backyard clapping my hands scaring him off. Of course in the end I knew it was already a done deal because he could easily wait me out. It was just a matter of time unfortunately. It didn’t take him long to make his final run. Within some ten minutes he came back swooping right into the nest area without hesitation, had the babies in one clutch and was gone before I could even move out of my chair.

I tell you…..I swear I could hear those babies squealing. The parents, other Robins, Blue Jays and even Cardinals were trying to run him off. After he was gone for the next hour or two the parents were trying to locate and call to the babies. It was really, really sad. And I was really, really mad – nature taking its course or not! Just because its “Nature” doesn’t mean there aren’t times when it sucks!

Well….how’s this for a cheerful post? 🙁

UPDATE – I have just returned from having a cup of coffee on the patio and having reflected on the events from two days ago related above, perhaps there was an ounce of humor available in those tragic moments. I began to wonder this morning just what my neighbors might have been thinking if they happened to see my antics that morning after hearing the hand-clapping. Imagine if you will, standing at your window and seeing the elderly man who lives behind you all of a sudden for seemingly no reason at all bolt from his chair and go running out across his backyard clapping his hands…..only to return moments later, sit down and return to drinking his coffee. Then ten minutes later with no warning… he goes again for seemingly no reason whatsoever! I have to admit, from my perspective it brought forth a bit of a chuckle! 🙂

A first for me – the “Panorama” photograph….

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I began experimenting this week with “panorama” photographs. These type photos are primarily desired if you want to take an all-encompassing landscape or cityscape photo which cannot be captured in one photo. If you do an image search on Google and use “panorama photos” for your search term you can see some excellent examples.

The panorama shot I have inserted at the bottom of this post is a photograph of what is referred to here in the Greater Little Rock area as “The Big Dam Bridge”. It is a foot bridge that was built across the Arkansas River to allow walkers and bikers to transverse the river between Little Rock and North Little Rock and is part of an extensive “river trail” that runs along both sides of the river. Currently it is touted as the longest foot bridge in the country. Much more info on this bridge and the river trail can be found here if you have an interest. Below is an aerial photo I found that will give you a sense of size.

Aerial Photo - Big Dam Bridge(Click on image to enlarge)

In the aerial photo note that the lower bridge is the foot bridge traversing the ‘lock and dam’ while the upper bridge is a vehicle interstate bridge crossing the river.

Anyway….so I thought I would share this endeavor along with showing off the “Big Dam Bridge”! My ‘panoramic” photo is below.

Big Dam Bridge(Click on image to enlarge)

The right side of the photo is where you enter the foot bridge on the North Little Rock side and you can follow it as it crosses the river. It was actually built on top of an existing lock and dam. I continued to take photographs until reaching the river bank on my left side. This panorama photo actually contains ten (10) separate photographs which have been “stitched” together to form one single photograph. They actually have software these days that pretty much handles the whole process for you. All you have to do is pretty much take the photos although there are some specific techniques best to employ when doing so.