Month: May 2009

After the rain shower….

Yesterday we had a brief, but heavy rain shower and immediately after that the sun came out. It was at that point I caught a glimpse of a Cooper’s Hawk landing on an old abandoned clothes line post in my back yard. The hawk then preceded to spread his wings and dry off from the apparent drenching he had just received. After the session in the sun and a brief period of pruning – off he went!

Cooper’s Hawk 1(Click on image to enlarge)

Cooper’s Hawk 2(Click on image to enlarge)

Cooper’s Hawk 3(Click on image to enlarge)

Not my greatest photos but at least I was able to get a little documentation for my “after the rain shower” encounter.

Memorial Day Remembrance….

2008 Memorial Day Poster #1. Created by Virginia Reyes of the Air Force News Agency. US Air Force Courtesy photo

2008 Memorial Day Poster #1. Created by Virginia Reyes of the Air Force News Agency. US Air Force Courtesy photo

I have always posted the presentation linked to below for Memorial Day since finding it several years ago. It remains for me a fitting way to honor those who have given and paid the ultimate price. Click on link below for presentation….

“In Remembrance”

More Backyard Birding….

Been slow around here lately due to the fact that we have been getting lots and lots of rain I suppose. Below is a photo I took this past week of Mr. Robin partaking of a bath in his backyard spa. He is really getting after it and it is interesting to note that he appears to have his eyes closed.

Robin Bathing in Bird Bath(Click on image to enlarge)

Also got the photo below of the infamous Eurasian Collared Dove. These doves were introduced into the United States via Florida in the mid-1980’s and have been moving north and west ever since establishing populations. The first one noted on record here in Arkansas was in 1989. Records indicate it was late 1995 when the first one was noted in Oklahoma and later documented in Kansas and Nebraska in 1997. They are orginally native to India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

They are quite large as compared to the Mourning Dove which is native to Arkansas. I would have to say almost twice as large….maybe a little less. I have noticed they are much less tolerant and more wary of humans than the Mourning Dove. Dove hunting is a popular gun sport here in Arkansas and it is interesting to note that of the three noted species of doves hunted here, all have limits placed on them with the exception of this dove. I’m not sure as to why although I have read that some say they are quite aggressive towards other dove populations and may adversely affect native populations of doves.

Regardless of opinions pro or con on their “immigration status”, it certainly is quite a handsome bird!

Eurasian Collared Dove 02(Click on image to enlarge)