Month: July 2008

The Young Praying Mantis Macros….

I was leaving my younger sister’s house a couple of weeks ago when I noticed a very young Praying Mantis sitting on the trunk of my car. These creatures have always been at the top of my ‘favorite’ list when it comes to insects. As always, be sure to click on the individual photographs to view a larger version….

Young Mantis 1

Young Mantis 2

Young Mantis 3

Young Mantis 4

The Rose of Sharon Macros….

It seems lately that on the mornings when I decide to have some coffee on the patio one thing or another will eventually catch my eye. This morning it was my neighbor’s Rose of Sharon bushes that had a few fresh flowers hanging over my fence. Next thing you know… a couple of them became my next macro photography project. Below are a few of the project results and if you care to see a larger view of any of the photographs, be sure and click on the image….

DSC_0008 - Rose of Sharon 03

DSC_0016 Rose of Sharon 04

DSC_0019 - Rose of Sharon 02

The Trumpet Vine Macros….

Many of us who enjoy photography also enjoy some of the specialty aspects of the art such as ‘macro’ photography. Had an opportunity to photograph some Trumpet Vine flowers recently along with a critter or two who had taken up temporary residency. When viewing the photographs below be sure to click on the image if you desire to see it in a larger view….

DSC_0068 - Trumpet Vine Macro 02

DSC_0079 - Trumpet Vine Macro 02

DSC_0072 - Trumpet Vine Macro 02

DSC_0073 - Trumpet Vine Macro 02

DSC_0076 - Trumpet Vine Macro 02