Month: June 2008

Rightsell Elementary – Our Day In the Sun….

A very special reunion and gathering of some very special classmates has finally come and gone. It was indeed a grand weekend and such a joy to be with those individuals who had a special place in your life.

This classmate reunion was in my case, my very first reunion. And special it was. It was such a treat getting to visit briefly with folks you last saw for the most part when they were eleven years old.

And one would have to admit that we got our day in the sun. From newspaper coverage to local television coverage, great tributes to a group of wonderful folks.

Our unique reunion stirred enough interest locally that the local FOX television station did a piece on our event….

Clicking on the link below will open a ‘pdf’ file of the local newspaper article run in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. The article may be located about midway down the first page and continued on the right-hand side of the second page.

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette – “Rightsell Class of ‘53 To Reunite

And finally below I have added a couple of the class photos taken at the reunion events. You can click on the individual photographs to see a larger view….

Rightsell Reunion - Alan’s Set - 005
Rightsell Reunion - Alan’s Set - 006

Our Rightsell Elementary Reunion Invitation Design….

In preparation for the big reunion I decided to see what kind of invitation design I could come up with. Since we are only talking about some sixty (60) classmates, more or less, it seemed to me that some type of “personalized” invitation would be feasible. That idea stemmed from the fact that we gathered class photos for several of the grade school years so actual photos of all my classmates would be available. The class photos are similar to the one I posted “here“.

At any rate, I used an artist’s rendition of the school from back in the 1920’s, a little word-art, and a copy of one of the individual photos from the class photo and walla! The graphic shown below is a scan of the actual finished card.

Rightsell Elementary Class Reunion Invitation Design 01“Rightsell Elementary Class Reunion Invitation”
(click on image to enlarge)

The word-art reflects the school colors and I also put the individual class photo in a small frame. At the bottom I addressed the card to the specific individual represented by the photo of course.

I was quite happy with the way the design turned out. For a paper medium I had some reasonably heavy parchment paper I had previously purchased for another project some time ago so I printed the design using that paper for effect.

I guess I should mention in case someone is interested, for printing and designing cards the graphic program I normally use is “Microsoft’s Picture-It“ which is actually quite good for this type application. I always use Corel’s Paint Shop Pro for the majority of my graphic work but for bringing it all together into a card, the “Picture-It” software works great. However, the same card and design can also easily be created using “Microsoft Word” if you are reasonably proficient in the use of that software