A Guido Daniele Update….

Posted by Posted in Artists & Painters, General Information, Nature & Wildlife, News & Current Events, Photography Posted on 03-03-2008

I recently received an email from Guido sharing a link where some of his latest hand-paintings referred to as “Handimals” were featured in the UK’s Daily Mail Newspaper & Blog. Below is the main cover for the feature article as appeared in the newspaper.

Guido Daniele - Daily Mail 2008mail

I have also included some of my favorite “Handimals” featured in the referenced article….

Guido Daniele - Daily Mail 2008mail10“The Brooding Mare”

Guido Daniele - Daily Mail 2008mail50“The Eagle Has Landed”

Guido Daniele - Daily Mail 2008mail40“The Elegant Flamingo”

Guido Daniele - Daily Mail 2008mail30“The Parrot”

Guido Daniele - Daily Mail 2008mail20“The Slithering Snake”

Also of note from the email, twenty (20) of Guido’s works have been printed on Fine Art Cotton Paper in large sizes

(100 x 140 cm) and are being offered for sale at Harrods in London from early February through the end of March.

All photos shown with permission of Guido Daniele © Guido Daniele

Congratulations Guido…