Well, I have been ‘Simsonized’….

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While visiting the The Artist’s Magazine Blog that I have been frequenting, I ran across an archived post there that I found very inviting. It was a post referring to a website where one can actually be transformed into a Simpson-like character featuring his or hers own personal basic features and attributes. Now admittedly, I am not a huge fan of “The Simpsons” but nevertheless, they certainly seemed to have attained an “iconic” status.

So…..off I went and “WALLA”! In a matter of a few short minutes the on-line transformation had been completed.

Alan Simpson Portrait 01 - 1

And so it is that I have been “Simpsonized” for all posterity. And I have to say that I finally feel better about myself now. Of course, if I ever find myself invited for a guest appearance I would certainly have to demand that they use Robin Williams as my “on-air” voice. I mean with a face like that you have to demand the best.

Alan Simpson Portrait 03 - 2

Oh…..and if you want to be Simpsonized just click “here” and good luck with that new body!

Why Hugh Grant Must Surely Love Liz Taylor….

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Having purchased the famed Andy Warhol’s “Turquoise Liz” back in 2001 from auction at Sotheby’s New York for $3.6 million, one might think the actor “Hugh Grant” somewhat extravagant. Perhaps, however, one might rethink such an assumption after finding out that last night he offered up the subject painting at auction through Christie’s New York where it sold for a measly $23, 561, 000 and that was somewhat below the pre-sale estimate.

Turquoise Liz - 1963Turquoise Liz

The top seller at the night’s event however was a Mark Rothko from 1955 which was Untitled (Red, Blue, Orange) and sold for a whopping $34, 201, 000 which was about four-million over the pre-sale estimate.

Mark Rothko - Untitled Red-Blue-Orange 1955Untitled Rothko (Red, Blue, Orange)

It is certainly instances such as that which would lead one to assume that art is investment worthy. You can read more about the event, the subject art work I featured here and additional offerings at ArtNet Magazine by clicking “here”.


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It’s always worth noting when another piece of art gives out with a resounding “ka-ching” and catches my attention. The latest auction at Christie’s in New York City this past Tuesday sent several pieces of contemporary art through their registers at good prices.

Notable for me is the 1970 Wayne Thiebaud painting titled “Seven Suckers” which is shown below. Went out the door for a whopping $4,512,000.

Wayne Thiebaud - Seven Suckers 4 million-521 thousande“Seven Suckers”

Christie’s pre-sale estimate for the subject painting was $1.4 to $1.8 million. The actual sale price was a new record for Thiebaud paintings. You can read more about this auction and additional offerings by clicking “here”.