Rightsell Elementary…. The Times of My Life!

Posted by Posted in Biographical Scrapbooking Posted on 10-10-2007

Well I just have to share! I got the greatest surprise this morning when I was going through my email ritual. I received an email from two of my elementary school classmates trying to locate the “1953” graduates for the purpose of a class reunion. Those days and times from elementary school through junior high school were beyond any doubt the happiest in my life.

As you know most class reunions revolve around the high school years but living in Little Rock and being in high school in the “1957” era was not the greatest of times. At least not from a fun-loving kids view point. And between 1957 and 1961 I attended three different high schools thanks to my parents. But that is another story.

Perhaps because of that in some measure, I have never attended nor desired to attend a class reunion. Ahh, but never did I dream this one would come to be. I am somewhat reclusive by nature but for this€¦.I will make an exception. This is one class reunion I will surely lose sleep over due to sheer anticipation. Perhaps it is not so much the reunion itself but rather the renewing of some very old and cherished acquaintances which made it the special time that it was.

Below is an old postcard I secured from the Little Rock School District last year of my beloved elementary school. Sadly, it was closed some years back, put on the real estate market, and recently sold as I understand it. Its future is in dire question and may even include razing.

Rightsell Post Card - Blue - 02“Rightsell Elementary”

Speaking of the “Class of 53”, I just have to share yet another photo and that being the class photo from that year. I can still name just about everyone in that old photo. I should note, if memory serves me correctly, there were two classrooms of sixth graders. This was my classroom and the only photo I have but perhaps with the upcoming reunion I will be able to get a photo of the other classroom. I think one of my girlfriends was in that class! Or maybe all three of them were in that class?

6th Grade - Avery - Alan Ginocchio Original“My 6th Grade Classroom” – 1953

That’s me by the way on the third row, second from the left. As noted in my opening comment I find it hard to contain my joy this morning so I just had to stoke the old memory coals because this was a time in my life that was very special to me.

More to follow I’m sure…. 🙂