“Some Final Thoughts” is closing….

Posted by Posted in Journal & Blog Information Posted on 24-02-2007

Sorted - 141The time has come to close the “Some Final Thoughts” blog down which, as I have previously mentioned sometime back, was something I was planning on doing. I have enjoyed interacting here with all of you who have left comments on my posts. It has really been enjoyable and fun sharing some of those old memories and even an old photo or two.

For those of you who may have my blog on your Blogroll…..when you have time be sure to remove the link so you won’t have a “dead link” on your Blogroll. Those clicking on the “Some Final Thoughts” URL will not be re-directed once I close it down. I am removing the blog completely from Cyberspace in about a week or so.

Anyone wishing to stay in touch can do so by going to the following link which will get you to my “Guestbook & Journal” which I will be using in association with my new site, barring any further changes in plans. Most all my regular visitors have my email address and I have theirs.

“Thru My Eyes Only – Guestbook & Journal”

The “comments section” of the new Guestbook & Journal will not be open for comment until such time as the new site is put on-line. Then at that time I will turn on the comments section. I will, however, post updates in the Guestbook & Journal as to my progress until I do get things squared away and up and running.

As mentioned in my previous post on this subject, I will still be “blogging” and “visiting” as time permits…..I just won’t technically be a “blogger” myself.

See ya’ later….Alan G