In Remembrance – “James Brown”

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James Brown

Another of our prolific performers and entertainers who was known as the “Godfather of Soul” passed away early this Christmas morning in Atlanta, GA from pneumonia and subsequent heart failure at age 73. James Brown was one of the most animated performers of our generation and at times known to be a bit of a scoundrel I suppose.

He will be missed but his music and style will always be with us. One of his most popular songs and my personal favorite, “I Got You (I Feel Good)”, will put me in a “feel good” mood every time I hear it, no matter what my mental state at the time.

James Brown 2

You will be missed James Brown….and thank you so much for your musical contributions and showmanship.

James Brown Bio: “Wikipedia”

Tis’ the Season….

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Candy Cane ChristmasYep….it “tis the season” to go check out our state’s Capitol Building and its Christmas decorations. So I grabbed the new camera last night and drove across the river to Little Rock to check it out. I actually think that this year the decorations are quite eloquent. They do tend to vary from year to year and that is not always good, depending on one’s taste in Christmas decorations of course. Although one may not like the politics that ooze out of it from time to time, it is a very beautiful building that I think most Arkansans are quite proud of, regardless of the political climate. Our Capitol Building, by the way, is fashioned after the National Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

State Capitol at Christmas(click on image to enlarge)

And I had a bit of an ulterior motive. I wanted to see how the new camera and I got along with taking photos at night. That can at times be a harrowing experience as some of you may know from experience.

Oh yes. I hope Annie of “Little Rock Daily Photo” doesn’t get too upset with me coming across the river and invading her photographic territory. Be aware Annie that North Little Rock has a “Navy”. We already have a submarine and the tug boat for pulling it is on the way! So we are prepared if you try to attack us!

More than a weenie to me….

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Bear with me now…..don’t let the title of this post frightened you away.

Although in an earlier post where I discussed one of the works of Andy Warhol where I shared the strange attraction I had found with regard to the Spam can, I have of recent found myself in what some may deem as an adulterous downhill slide to a new found relationship with the weenie.

I speak of the infamous Vienna sausage. And you find out real quick that Vienna’s must really be important and hold some element of prestige in this old world because if you use Microsoft Word every time you try to just type “vienna” in lower-case it always changes it to “Vienna”! I typed my name “alan” but Microsoft Word doesn’t change my name from lower to upper case. It just left it lower case. And to add insult to injury, when I did a spell check Microsoft Word wanted to know if I wanted to change “alan” to “anal”. It really hurts to find out those silly little weenies merit more respect than me. And on top of that, Microsoft Word thinks “alan” is some sort of asshole!

Anyway….I began to fantasize about how many different brands of Vienna’s might be out there since developing this recent attraction. So I went to my favorite market and found that on their shelves were four different brands of just “plain” Vienna’s. There were other kinds but just four plain. So I bought those four little cans of “plain” Vienna’s and I brought them home and decided it was time to create an Interpretive Portrait. That is the name, by the way, that I have given to this new photographic artistic venture that has me in its grasp.

After finishing my work, I looked at it and realized that I could only give it one title….“The Vienna Quartet”.

Vienna Art - 01(Click to Enlarge)

Shortly thereafter I began to think about the other Vienna’s I had seen and found that giving my attention to only a portion of the Vienna weenie population was causing me some degree of depression. So back to my favorite market I went to buy the remaining types of Vienna’s. Now instead of four….there were eight! Besides the “plain” there were also “barbeque” and “lite”. Not sure why they call them “lite”. The can felt just as heavy as the others. Anyway….

I originally was going to name my newest portraiture containing the eight “The Vienna Weenie Choir” since I referred to the previous work as a “quartet”. But then I decided that someone who had no sense of humor whatsoever would accuse me of some off-hand slander or pun with regard to the Vienna’s Boy’s Choir. Especially since I was so casually throwing around the word “weenie”. So….I had to settle on the title of “The Vienna Ensemble” for my second work. But I really do like the other title better. I guess you could say I chose the more “politically correct” title.

Vienna Art - 02(Click to Enlarge)

So there you have it. My latest endeavor. And for those who may think I have mental health problems….I probably do but I am loving every minute of it. And in closing let me say that I have already begun work on my next project. Which, by the way, was once again inspired by one of you bloggermaniacs. 🙂

Antique clocks and the like….

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Grandfather Clock Clip ArtI seem to be on an antique kick lately and as I have previously noted – that is a subject I lack any expertise in at all. One of my most favorite “hand-me-down” possessions is an Ansonia mantle clock made of porcelain that belonged to my grandmother. Well during my research into the possible value of the clock, as coincidence would have it, Betty, over at “Old Dog – New Trick” posted a photo of a clock she had mentioned in a previous post. When she mentioned it was “magenta” in color I immediately wondered if it was a mantle clock like the one I had. Sure enough it was, although mine has a different base color which is blue.

When several of my blog visitors suggested me looking on e-bay on my last post regarding the value of a picture I have, I did so. But I also have always had a curiosity about the clock I had and wondered if e-bay might hold a clue with regard to the clock’s value. So as usual, one thing led to another and low and behold – someone was selling a clock similar to mine on e-bay except it was one of the magenta colored ones. I began to do a few searches on Google and tried to research the clock a bit more. It was fun and interesting although in the end I still had not a clue to the value of my particular clock. Here is what I mean….

This photo below is a photo of the clock that sold on e-bay at a price of $227.50. That may have been a real deal for someone.

Ansonia Mantle Clock - 01(Sold Price – $227.50)

The following three clocks are clocks I found for sale via Google at antique and clock shops with their noted value.

Ansonia Mantle Clock - 02(Selling Price – $1000)

Ansonia Mantle Clock - 03(Selling Price – $1,750)

Ansonia Mantle Clock - 045(Selling Price – $2500)

And last, but not least, the photo below is a photo of my grandmother’s clock which I think is really quite eloquent and charming. It is a bit weird but I started out thinking, “Well, if I could sell it for a good price I would sure do it.” Then when I find out that indeed there is some potential for it to bring a rather handsome price, I seem to balk on any idea of selling because I really like the clock. I enjoy walking by it from time to time and looking at it. After all – it’s family.

Ansonia Mantle Clock - 05(click on image to enlarge)

Nevertheless, it was fun and I enjoyed the experience and education!