Yada, yada, yada…. then you retire!

Posted by Posted in Biographical Scrapbooking, Humor & Satire Posted on 22-04-2006

It’s true! Your entire childhood, adolescence, and working career can be summed up into three “yadas” when you retire. That is not necessarily bad nor is that necessarily good – just factual. What ever it was you were going to accomplish in your life – well you either did it or you didn’t. And if you are striving to accomplish those goals after retiring – well, in my opinion my friend you have not really retired.

Here is what Mr. Webster states about the condition of being retired:

1) withdrawn or apart from the world; in seclusion; secluded

2) having given up one’s work, business, career, etc.; esp. because of advanced age

Now, having retired, the only thing that stands between me and death are a number of unknown days, weeks or years as the case will end up being. And we have all noted I’m sure that it seems so many folks retire and then the next thing you know they have up and died. What the hell is that all about? Work all your life, look forward to that retirement, retire one day and then the next day the big one and your dead. Boy, now you talk about something that really sucks!

As for me, I retired in September of 2003 and have given the God of our universe along with idiot drivers, falling meteors, and disease two and a-half years to end it for me and I am still standing. So….I guess that is another milestone I have surpassed in my life. Consequently, it’s time to get on with it and be retired. And what could be any more fitting than sitting around on my ass all day and blogging. Why I bet that some of you folks out there who are still working for someone are doing the same thing. Guess that means you could consider yourselves as semi-retired. Congratulations!

Well, like I have always said, “Being able to retire is really not a matter of age, it is simply a matter of problem solving.”