Return of the Nazi Zombies….

Posted by Posted in PC & TV Gaming Posted on 16-10-2016

If you are by any measure a “PC gamer” then you are quite aware of the jeopardy purchasing a new computer can create regarding your current collection of PC games. Unfortunately I have found myself in that situation several times over the past couple of decades.

As with any type of computer software, a new computer with an updated or new operating system can often present new computer protocol and the software will not function properly or at all if uploaded to the new computer. Well, once again after purchasing my current computer one of my favorite games would not load properly on my computer.

call-of-duty-world-at-war-01The name of the primary game, “Call of Duty – World at War”, like so many computer games had a special bonus ‘addon’ game that you got once you completed all the levels of the Call of Duty main game itself. That game was titled “Nazi Zombies” and the game found itself becoming quite popular among gamers. It was an arcade game of sorts with almost unlimited levels giving you a number of choices of weapons during game play to fight off the sometimes hoards of zombies licking at your heels.

But after a number of tries in getting the game installed on my new computer with no success I finally had to relent, assuming the game would no longer be available to me. So I put it back in its case and stuck it in a drawer which contained many other games and software programs that would no longer function on a newer computer. That was all some two years ago!

Then recently by chance I came across information on the Internet regarding the game and its installation that discussed the exact same issue I was having loading the game. It gave a simple solution as how to resolve the issue so I dug the game from the “dead pool” drawer and walla… within a few minutes my game was functioning in all its mayhem and glory.

In this game you find yourself in an old war torn two story building and all the windows have been boarded up to protect anyone inside from the Nazi zombies roaming the countryside. When the zombies accost the building looking for you they begin by tearing the old boards off the windows and if you can’t stop them there they crawl thru the windows and they come after you with nothing between them and you but your weapon.

So as far as those Nazi zombies go, well they’re on the loose once again and can be seen here in a few of the games screen shots shown below, quick to pick up my trail and lumber toward me sending me to my demise. And as usual, it didn’t seem to take them very long to accomplish their goal much to my gaming disappointment. If you have a thing for zombies be sure and click on the screen shots below for a much larger image….



Currently Level 4 is the highest level I have reached so far. Web chatter notes that Levels 1-5 are normally for newbies while Levels 6-10 are for more accomplished players. It’s my understanding that the number of levels within the game is unlimited. Most have trouble surviving 10 and as noted in some information from the web, Levels 40 to 60 have been achieved but that’s pretty much the current limit by the most prolific of the zombie gamers.

No, I will never be one of those prolific gamers and it is pretty much a given that at my age it will never take those mean old zombies long to send me to Cemeteryville. But it is kinda a fun game…. 🙂