Help Wanted!

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I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a prolific antiques collector but I do have three or four items that belonged to my grandparents. That fact coupled with my age does insure at least one thing and that is that they are old. Old perhaps, but not necessarily of value, other than sentimental of course.

One of the items I have in my small collection is a 16” platter which appears to be hand-painted and signed. The fact that it is signed and has several identifying “maker’s marks” on the underside leads me to wonder if it actually is of some value as an antique.

Antique Plate 1(Click on photo to enlarge)

I have tried to decipher the signature and ‘Google’ my determinations but have found no information whatsoever so far. Here is a close-up of the signature…..

Antique Plate 2(Click on photo to enlarge)

If any of my visitors are so inclined, please feel free to offer an opinion as to what the name is if you will.

One of my interpretations has been Ren-o-iori Marin or Mariu. The two (2) similar but strange marks appearing in the first name are quite puzzling to me. I don’t have a clue as to whether they represent letters or some unique mark used by the artist for differentiating his signature from some other artist with a similar name. Again, any suggestions are welcome.

Also, here is a close-up photo of the marks on the bottom of the plate and again, feel free to offer any suggestions or observations.

Antique Plate 3(Click on photo to enlarge)

I don’t see a visit to the Antiques Roadshow anytime in my near future and given my lack of knowledge with respect to antiques, I tend to be leery of dealers. Of course, I suppose that if your not of a mind to sell, it is much less likely to be taken advantage of by a less than honest dealer.