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Tom Jones – “Long Lost Suitcase” (The new album)

Harry Borden/Courtesy of the artist.

The origins of this post are all born from National Public Radio (NPR) who featured an article yesterday regarding the release of a new album by Tom Jones. Tom is some nine months older than me so after giving a few tracks of this new album, “Long Lost Suitcase”, a listen, I was extremely impressed with the way his voice equaled the task. The album is to be released December 4th.

From some old Americana to some good old Memphis blues, I found the majority of the albums offerings quite tasty. It wasn’t what I was expecting given his music of the past but was always the case with Tom Jones in my opinion, I have heard little to none songs from any musical genre that he wasn’t able to handle, sometimes even expanding.

If you’re a Tom Jones fan perhaps you will enjoy the attached samples from the album’s various selections made available through “Spotify” from NPR’s feature preview article for this post….

Tom Jones – “Long Lost Suitcase”