Writing To Myself – A Journal Update

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Well if you have been here before, particularly recently, you will now note a major change in the layout along with the most notable change having to do with ‘comments’ or should I say the lack of them along with the function of adding any.

My hosting contract along with my domain name were coming up for renewal in a couple of weeks. That coupled with things being somewhat unsettled in my life currently due to some health issues I thought it best I just shut my blog down. I have always been a journal person, more so than a blogger for sure. So I decided to renew my hosting account along with the domain name of course and officially convert my on-line ramblings to a an on-line journal.

I felt it only proper to inform those of you who do visit here from time to time of this major change. I will certainly have more to say on this subject in the days to come which hopefully will make my decision a little clearer, if in fact, given the major changes, you have any interest in returning for a visit… 🙂

If you no longer wish to receive emails when new posts are entered into my journal if you will let me know via the “Contact Me” menu and I will remove you from the auto distribution listing.

More blog problems it would seem…

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Well it would seem that this morning I again found issues with my blog where it was not operating properly or perhaps I should say as expected. I found that I had gotten several comments through the “Contact Form” which was installed on my “Contact Me Page”, yet I  was never notified via my associated email of their existence. So consequently I have deleted the so-called Contact Form and have instead entered one of my email addresses which should take care of the issue.

I apologize to those who have previously used the old contact form and received no response.

And to add to my blog misery, I have found that several of my old blog post have had comments posted to them and I was again not notified through my email that they had been posted. I do have an alternate way of monitoring for such things so I will try to do a better job of being aware of incoming comments until the email function I mention decides to start working properly.

Also I have had the “Subscribe” function choices not appearing on the comment page but those choices have been turned back on for those who might be inclined to use those communication tools for this blog.

Beware of “LIKE” Spammers….

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Sorry about having to delete the “Likes” from my previous post. Mike Goad had left a “like” but at some point a troll or spammer, whatever you want to call them also left a “like” and not the kind of like graphic you like to see on your computer. Since there is apparently no way to delete individual “likes” I had to remove my entire “like” entry for that post.

My blog’s circle of life….

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Well I have been blogging almost six hours a day now for several days but it hasn’t been because I was writing new posts. I’ve actually been reinstating my old posts from a data base I had archived that goes back all the way to when I started officially maintaining a blog in 2006.

And a blogger might ask why in the world would I take the time to go back and reinstate all those old posts? Any experienced blogger knows almost no one ever intentionally goes into a bloggers archive listing and reads any of those old posts. Well at best, let’s just say it’s a rare occurrence when it does happen.

I suppose as bloggers go I have been a fairly shameful one, having started and stopped my blogging numerous times over the past eleven years, not to mention several blog name changes along the way to boot.

Sadly, I lost a lot of regular commenters along the way also. Can’t blame them a bit and I have to say many of them I truly miss. But as they say, that’s all water under the bridge at this point.

In essence it would seem I have come full circle if such things could be calculated or construed in such ways. From my very first blog post to this one, which by the way, is not to be presumed as my last, it would seem the journey consisted mostly as a biographical reflection of a life gone by.

And although there may still be a few other reflections of the past peppered in the mix, I think you’ll find the majority to come will be with the challenges and changes with living out ones final days….

A “Some Final Thoughts” Update….

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Some may or may not be familiar with the term ‘redirect’ as relates to the URL’s we use on the Internet. But basically, that is a way to tell a specific URL that if someone tries to go to it or clicks on it, it will send you to a different URL. This ‘redirect’ is normally created and initiated by the URL’s owner.

That is what I have done here this morning. If you try to go to or click on my “Some Final Thoughts” URL (www.somefinalthoughts.com), you will be redirected to this blog which is my reincarnated blog “Writing To Myself” (www.writingtomyself.com). I have had to do this based on all the issues I have been having over the past three weeks with the blog, “Some Final Thoughts”.

All the previous posts and comments from the blog “Some Final Thoughts” have been migrated over so at this point “Writing To Myself” is a mirror of “Some Final Thoughts” with the exception of the post you are reading.

Although “Writing To Myself” is on the same server with the same IP Address as “Some Final Thoughts”, I am hoping this ‘redirect’ resolves the issues and it is just the WordPress software being used by “Some Final Thoughts” that has been corrupted.

If I haven’t run you off my now… thanks for your patience!

Trouble right here in River City….

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I have been having all sorts of blog problems here over the past three weeks but particularly the last three days. I won’t go into all the gory details because unfortunately there are a lot of them. I’ll just keep it simple for the moment and perhaps share details later. The picture above is quite apropos for the moment.

This blog has been doing strange things of late and seems to be in complete conflict with Google sites such as forums and Google+. For some reason those sites are treating the blog as if it were Blacklisted for some reason. My old blog, “Writing To Myself”, actually still exists works fine which is odd since both blogs are hosted from the same IP server address on the same server.

So… I may have to just stop using “Some Final Thoughts” and move back over to “Writing To Myself” which I don’t want to do, or there is always the option of creating a new blog with a new domain name with a new IP server address. I have talked to so many people about my blog issues I am about done in and no one seems to know what the problem is other than continually saying, “Well try this.” or “Try this.”

Anyway, that’s what is going on with the blog so don’t be surprised as to what you may or may not see for the next few days… 🙁

Another WordPress “snafu”….

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I’m a huge WordPress Blog Software fan but every now and then something will happen that just totally drives me up the wall.

And yesterday’s event was no less irritating when out of the clear blue as I am composing a post on my blog it started giving me an error message every time I tried to upload a graphic. When I clicked on the upload button it would seem to be uploading and then an error message would pop up on my screen which read “http error” in lieu of the graphic appearing. See the error graphic to the left and also the graphic below shows the typical page where you upload your graphic along with the associated error message (click to enlarge)…..

Now when I say it began “out of the clear blue” that is exactly what I meant. There had been no recent software upgrades or changes, I had added no new plugin’s or made any changes to JetPack. Nope, but for no known reason whatsoever the software abruptly stops uploading graphics.

Well, in accordance with my normal investigative procedures I immediately went to Google and entered the search parameter “wordpress http error”. I was floored when the search results appeared. There was entry upon entry, webpage upon webpage, relating to the problem going back almost two years.

There seemed to be a number of fixes offered up so I decided to go to the WordPress Forums and get an overview of the discussions there since I assumed surely there were some relating to the problem. Sure enough there were and it seemed there was no real consensus as to the cause of the problem but there were two main solutions that were being offered up by the WordPress elite.

The first of those solutions was to go to the “.htaccess” file which is located on my host server and add the specified ‘statement’ as suggested in the fix to the beginning of the file. So I did as suggested but still my software did not function nor respond correctly.

The other primary suggestion was to go to my “function.php” file which is part of the WordPress theme software and add the specified ‘statement’ which was suggested in the fix at a specified point in that file. After doing this “Walla!”, the software began functioning properly and I was once again able to add graphics to my posts.

As noted earlier in this post, there continues to be no real unified consensus on what is causing the problem and certainly not the solution. And individuals like me are often dependent on the computer skills of others to root out a solution as was reflected in this case.

And so it goes in the world of blogging, it’s not always smooth sailing and problems may certainly arise so you just grin and bear it, muddle through finding a fix and then continue the grand pursuit of blogging…

Let’s Call This Post #1….

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On the road again in the blogosphere for of course, just one more time. I do often seem to have a need to ramble and complain and what better place than Cyberspace. And it’s not as if I have some sort of personal or political agenda but for whatever reason it just always seems more satisfying if when you do actually have something to say there’s that fulfilled sense that hopefully someone will here it.

It is of little importance for the most part I suppose who hears it, its all just a matter of principal. I suppose one could equate it somewhat to the old adage… “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it really make a sound?” Surely from the falling tree’s perspective the tree would want the rest of the forest to be aware of its last act on this earth. Well, that is pretty much what this blogging/journaling thing over the years has been all about for me.

Yep, I’ve redecorated the blog….

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Recently, with the help of my little sister and brother-in-law we cleaned out my attic. Actually I prefer to think we rescued many of my treasures that had been exiled from my living quarters for a very, very long time. But now they’re all back with me and cluttering up my life yet once again. But then let’s face it, who wants to die alone?

But enough about the attic and dying. In the process of doing all that I also got the urge to, what I call, repaint my blog. Just like painting your house, it’s the same old house in the same old neighborhood, it just has a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Otherwise, yep, it’s just the same old blog.

My favorite colors have always been a combination of browns, oranges and yellows including their various shades. That can easily be confirmed if you walk inside my home. If you don’t like browns, oranges and yellows you ain’t going to like it there as is reflected in the photos below of my living room (left) and computer room (right)….

Living Room - 2006
Computer Room - 2007

And so based on that it should come as no big surprise that if I get the urge to repaint the old blog it’s going to incorporate my living colors. Presently I have chosen to feature an overall burnt orange feel to the old blog with, as you can note, brown highlights. That’s about all I can say other than I plan on cleaning out my storage room next, probably in the spring, so I am not sure what ramifications my blog may endure from that endeavor… 🙂

Confessions of an old senile blogger….

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The Electric Key Orchestra Website - Version 1(My First Website – Click to Enlarge)

I have just completed posting and backdating into this blog a majority of all the posts that I have ever written going back to April of 2006. Having said that right up front, I can only imagine the thoughts going through the mind of any sane blogger that might actually be reading this post. Who would do such a thing, and for what reason unless they were some sort of poor, old senile individual? Well, it would seem this poor, old senile man is about to tell you….

My blogging experience over the years has carried me through several blogs, even personal websites that had associated blogs, to a point where I have pretty much alienated a majority of my followers and others who would leave a comment from time to time. It’s not so much the fact that I changed my blog but rather the number of times I changed my blog which I will address a bit later. And of course Facebook certainly contributed to that loss also, just as it did for many other bloggers. Granted I never got into blogging for the purpose of becoming the most famous blogger in Cyberspace, nevertheless followers and visitors are comforting to have if you do blog. Having followers does in itself create motivation and inspiration in some measure which I’m sure varies from blogger to blogger, not to mention the enjoyment for the most part of reading their comments on your chosen subject matter.

I had saved a majority of my previous blog posts in Microsoft Word which in hindsight was a huge mistake on my part. Primarily because if I did ever want to reinstate the posts I would lose all the previous comments made by my visitors. What I should have done is saved my ‘database’ file from my basic blogging software and then I would have been able to reinstate it all with a couple of clicks of the mouse button. I have now however remedied that problem by installing a new plugin, Updraft Plus, which I have set up to automatically do that backup once a month.

My current blog is titled of course, “Writing To Myself”, and is actually a second generation of a previous blog. I initially created the blog in 2011 but then in early 2012 took an extended hiatus deleting the blog and then when I eventually went back to blogging again I started a new blog with a different name but used a blog name and URL I had used previously back in 2007, “Some Final Thoughts”. Just given those facts alone is it any wonder why I alienated so many of my previous followers and visitors?

I initially began my blogging career using Google’s popular “Blogger” software. The following three blogs were my first three which used the Blogger format. After a time I became familiar with other blogging software and formats and also realized there were limitations with “Blogger” regarding graphics and video which in my style of blogging were very important. So in 2007 I moved my blogging activities to the WordPress software. To further eliminate any limitations to my blogging activities, I had my WordPress software installed with an independent hosting company, Atlas Hosting. By the way, the Google Blogger blogs were….

The Electric Key Orchestra Journal (Part of The Electric Key Orchestra website)
Retirement Is A Bitch…. and then you die
Some Final Thoughts…. then I’m off to Cemeteryville

Some Final Thoughts - Screen Capture(Blog: Some Final Thoughts – Hosted by Google’s Blogger – Click to Enlarge)

Then after moving my blogging activities to WordPress I opened my new blogging enterprise with the first of several other blogs. That first WordPress blog, “The Cyberspace Dawdler”, would turn out to be the most successful blog of them all. I highly suspect that was because I kept it running for almost two years before once again pulling the plug. At that point I wasn’t senile, just simply an idiot! The listing below reflects the blogs I have had since utilizing WordPress….

The Cyberspace Dawdler
Writing To Myself – 1st Version
Some Final Thoughts – 2nd Version
Writing To Myself – Current Version

Cyberspace Dawdler Blog(Blog: The Cyberspace Dawdler – My Most Successful Blog – Click to Enlarge)

So here I was a few weeks ago, depressed and remorseful that I had squandered not only most of my followers, limited as they may have been, but in particular all those blog posts that I had written over all those years which in reality really did reflect on who I was and the things that interested me. But if you have been a blogger for any real length of time, you pretty much know that those old posts that are stored in our blog’s archival sections are seldom if ever read again after their initial posting and moment in the sun. So why would anyone go to all the trouble to reinstate a large number of posts that common sense tells them no one will ever read in the first place. Well the answer to that from a man who did it was that I enjoyed doing it and it helped fill the hours of the day. I enjoyed reading them, updating any associated links and remembering that each and every one of them was in a sense a labor of love. I have almost always written out of self-interest and with a joy of what I was sharing. I would think most personal bloggers would be blogging for similar reasons.

And now after almost a decade of blogging and sharing my past, my likes and dislikes, my passions… I find that with little more to share except what comes with daily life itself, I wanted those writings and posts brought back together to make complete who this blogger was. I have just a few more posts to reinstate but for the most part I am done. And given all this grand-fathering of posts, I have made a personal commitment to myself to let this blog stand, regardless of the lack of inspiration that stimulates me with regard to further new posts.

In the end it really is all about the posts I think. The followers and visitors are certainly the icing on the cake for sure for a blogger and often gives one another perspective and/or opinion to consider regarding what they have written. So there you have it, about as extensive a history I can document on my blogging activities and on how I got from there to here. And so as it has been written, let it be so that I will continue to “endeavor to persevere” in this blogging venture.

After all, I still remain the most interesting man I know…. 😀